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Protect your little ones with the accident temporal stock market off to another negative start today. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum reports. Dow Jones averages the prices fell significantly again this morning, just after the opening bell. Thirty blue chip stocks fell three hundred points within the first fifteen minutes of trading. That's a fall of more than one percent. The Dow is now down eleven percent from its fifty two week high. The stock market is well into correction territory the same concerns that have been driving the downward trend are still around today. Fear of a slowing global economy and tension between the US and China and right now Dow is down one hundred fourteen points, twenty three thousand nine hundred five the NASDAQ down eighteen SNP down ten President Trump resurrecting the specter of commutation for in former governor probably going vich by using social media to urge supporters to watch a Fox News interview with Patti Blagojevich that interview aired Friday night, British Prime Minister, Theresa may says the delayed vote in parliament on the. Brexit deal between her government. And the e you will be held the week of January fourteenth. The vote was supposed to take place last week. But may cancel that at the last minute when it became clear lawmakers would reject the agreement may trying to win over some tweaks from the EU in order to win over skeptical lawmakers, although the black says no renegotiation is possible. Big tax expansion outside of Silicon Valley continues Google has announced it will invest more than a billion dollars to double its workforce in New York City out of dozens of cities and states vying for the expansion, though, Google said it did not pursue any tax incentives. As part of its new campus. The tech giant says in a blog post it's chosen three office buildings in lower Manhattan to expand its operations, adding one point seven million square feet and more than seven thousand workers who go hopes to move into the new space by the year, twenty twenty two folding the new buildings into its New York-based headquarters earlier this year, Google opened offices and data centers and several US locations. Including Detroit LA, Colorado and Alabama its first New York location opened in two thousand consisting of a single person sales office in a Starbucks. I'm Scott Carr lawyers for the man charged with kidnapping and killing at Chinese university of Illinois scholar have argued that the case should be heard in state court where the death penalty is not an option. Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against former grad student, Brent christianson. He's charged with the 2017 abduction and death of twenty yin Yang Zhang. Authorities have not yet found her body. The news gazette reporting a federal judge in Peoria is holding several days of pretrial hearings defense attorney Robert Tucker saying Friday, he believes the main reason federal prosecutors are trying the case is to seek the death penalty. Prosecutor Eugene Miller denied Tucker's claim he argued there are several Vattel valid legal reasons to try the case in federal court WLS news time ten oh. Four Kennedy O'Hare.

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