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At and underscore change. Like I said great great hockey podcast Boston Bruins Centric and Nick Jared and Nestor. They all do a great job over there, but we do want to give a shout out because wage Is November and it is cancer awareness month? So Nick Busa who whose father passed away in January. Yeah, so Nick's dad passed away. And he wanted to do something in his father's honor. So this was a great thing to do so, I don't have any details because I'm a slacker but I don't know where folks can go to donate. I don't have a web address. I'm terrible. So there's anybody follow on site if you follow their life all of them on social media. They have like a post as a link to the thing I did and All right, you can hashtag November movember with your mustache picture as well. If you want to you want to you know, support it in that way to shout out to those young man. They do a great job next item on the agenda 92 years ago Bruins play their first game at the old Garden the old Boston Madison Square Garden was called in the beginning back in nineteen twenty. Nineteen twenty-eight. It was actually on November 20th of 28 and they played the Montreal Canadiens lost one to nothing. But that was a first Bruins hockey game, ninety two years ago and everyone an article recently for black and gold about some of my memories of the Old Guard and I really do miss it. I miss the atmosphere I miss about being on top of the ice. The balcony is going straight up and really hovering over the ice. You know, they were there are some terrible seats in that place for sure and there was some imperfections to log And least I remember the ramps walking along the top actually was slanting down unless felt like you would just fall over onto the ice and and the the stickiness of the of the ground wage and some some really weird things and being behind a pole. My cousin actually got season tickets and one of them was literally behind a pole you had to had to lean forward to see, you know, as much of the ice as you could but it was still a great place. I remember how loud it was there. Just the atmosphere was tremendous. I think the Bruins lost a little bit of that when they moved into the new Arena and although wage or better place than a in a nicer Arena. It's sort of took away some of the advantage I think that the old Gaiden had it was close to the smaller ice surface to was a big big deal and the lack of conditioning. I mean, there are a lot of nuances, but I just wanted to get you guys feel and and Heather we can start with you on your memories of the old Garden. Well, it was like I said the other day like it smelled disgusting and it was like kind of gross and you thought you might die at North Station downstairs may be waiting for a train after but I I know like there's whole Generations that don't remember those horrendous like green line, like whatever scaffolding..

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