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Here's a here's a good one, which of characters are fake. TASERS. Face. Cod piece. Crazy quilt. CASHMAN. Condiment King. Okay. One of them is fake. Medicine which one? Which one one is. Okay. Is it trick? Could it be a trick question that they're all real is that what is? Go ahead and say, yes, this is a trick question these are. Real. Characters. On demand King Israel because having you and I have spoken about condom king in the past who appears I'd believe the two thousand, seventeen film the Lego Batman movie. That is correct. He does appear there's a lot of them. I think kite men and crazy quilt also show up in that. In. That movie cod piece is also a real one. That's very odd odd tasers. Face is villain that actually has appeared in the movies in the Guardians of the galaxy volume two. Oh, there was a villain named teaser face. Yes. Kevin I was thinking of that podcast that we did about the Lego Batman movie because that my Internet was out here for twenty four hours over the weekend, and then I was forced to watch DVD's with my kids and that was one of the film's we watch. It's a great one. Honestly, this might sound crazy. But if you're GonNa Watch Superhero movie sometime soon, you should watch Lego Batman movie it is. What's the most movie in existence? Is it appropriate for kids? Kids are via? Fine. Tomorrow. Yeah, it's really fun but also. Like if you are comic, Book Person Out there, you should watch Batman because there are so many references in that movie like that are subtle that has just pure brilliance. Okay. This is a movie based question here. How many ice related puns. In. The Movie Batman and Robin Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger George Clooney And Alicia Silverstone. Now, it's like a million. I I I think Akiva it's I think it's probably over. Fifty. I saw this movie in the theaters Oh actually yeah. wasn't good It's not even like ironically like should be in the CRAG movie diaper. I'll say to fifty like a crazy. Now it's up to two, hundred, fifty by puns. Why would it be? Anti Twenty. Two. Because I mean. Eight what about eighty? Eight saving? Still a little high. Yeah. I think like you know I it's a between forty and sixty. Okay let's see. Was Closer. Okay. Rob Is closer it's actually less. It's a quote unquote only twenty-seven is puns. However, the real bit of Trivia is this. For this movie Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid at twenty five million dollars meeting. He made a million dollars per is pun in that movie. So. Give me a million dollars per upon and I'll be there. The best one which isn't even a pun in my opinion is the ask what killed the dinosaurs and shoots the race screaming the ice. Age No. Yeah. Yeah. Look at this superhero freeze frame. Another I think a gentleman Kiva Not Me wrote that movie right I think Goldman who who wrote a beautiful mind wrote them. Okay, all right. So did not know that I knew Akiva did a lot of stuff into superhero world did not know he did that. His resume probably saw that movie was so bad. It's like one of those sure hundred people wrote a script of you know and then. Okay This is another interesting one. True or false the punisher owns a speedo. With a gun on it. Man Good sounds about right. No going the opposite direction of the seamen question I'm going with no. Yeah. Different Bureau that does know the answer is false he doesn't own a speedo with a gun on it. The speedo is of his skull. Symbol. So he does on the Speedo and it is the punisher skull not a gun a little more appropriate I would say than running around with a gun speedo. Yeah okay. And Let's see here. Do you now I don't know if you guys saw the recent Spiderman film into the spider verse This is incredibly while movie is a character in there known as Spider Ham Yes. Spiderman about a pig? Yes. Do you know what? Spider? Ham's real name is what is his secret name? Peter Parker. Was that a guess Guess. Yeah. You Guess. Correctly Rob GonNa Punch of that movie actually Kevin That's The film I do not remember that, but it would make sense. Yes. You could lodge there. Yeah. Yeah. I'm glad that you did I'm glad you did. and. Last listener out here. Final question. It's sort of a real trivia question. Do you guys know Stanley's real name Thing it's very Jewish from not mistaken. Say Tomlinson. Oh boy. It is not eric. Tomlinson. My Rise and he like a Jew from Brooklyn. Stanley that is correct. He is a Jewish from Brooklyn. So it is it like Weinstein or some I don't want to guess just random Jewish names. Is his first Stan Stan Lee's first name. Last name is like. Rosenberg, I don't know. It is a shortened version of Lia's shortened version. His real name is Stanley Lieber. It, Out Stanley. Another famous. Still as. Stanley Lieber not. I mean? I would hope. So he's done incredible incredible incredible work over his lifetime. He passed away two years ago on my birthday. Day For me. But his another famous comic Creator with alongside Him Jack Kirby. Also. Was Jewish and he had shared cut short his name, his real name being Hertzberg though it just interesting thing the shortening of names back. Then would I thought Little.

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