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That was george gallo joined from ten years ago my mom's new boyfriend which also looked you didn't see it i okay how about ordinary world ordinary world was jan with billie joe armstrong and i can't believe and lee lee thank you that's interesting mexico's jennifer lovely people truly truly that was a really sweet movie and i had a great time shooting at new york and it was a very limited release even though it's billie joe armstrong in a very sweet independent movie if it came out in the time say when eddie burns i started releasing independent films you know this would have been a hit but now it's kind of you know i don't know you know i don't know what it is but it but it was sweet it was it was a good movie my skin was very bad in that movie what do you attribute that to i mentioned it was postpartum thing i have terrible terrible acne i mean oh wow the worst is in adult acne the greatest it's horrible never have it well sure i mean skin is so clear mind was like mine was like boils on my face yeah no really was intense and it turns out i had like a staff infection on my face for years and didn't know so they really were like boils yeah attractive so that was took me a couple years out of the thinking sexy but we'll go but that first of all shooting new york the best right crazy new york it's the bath really there can't believe it's happening show in manhattan.

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