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Once. Great nina turner who is a candidate of the left and shantelle brown more monitored minor canon. Interestingly the congressional caucus has lined up behind brown yes so has jim clyburn nina to her credit or deficit depending on how you think. Not only a bernie person. I mean trotsky would say wow now that's progressive. I'm a little scared. And she was the big front runners. Yeah like a thirty point lead. Now it's like a three point race. I think brown's got upset there. Yeah you know. Interestingly she she was endorsed though by the cleveland plain dealer and others up on the basis of her stand on on for school reform other when she was a state senator. So that's an interesting to a spot that's going to be looked at it. Maybe more than it should. But that's going to be looked at for clues as to where the national party. Yeah it's going to be like the new york. City mayor's race may be a little bit over an lies but both. Afc and bernie are going and big and strong for turner. While james clyburn is going and big and strong for brown so both african american candidates. It's an african american majority district though. It doesn't include parts of shaker heights. Israel's become an issue because of controversial statements in the country steve. We should point out that new here. We had no no. Wasn't he great the other week. You're a great hack but anyways so this thing is and there's tremendous outside money running in Because it's going to send a big signal team bernie versus team biden. Even though by does not involve she was critic of in the primary will be keeping an eye on that stuff but we have clamoring for wisdom from our mailbag people. Now if you have a ruse have mellberg question or a comment or an insult or anything. You want to send us an email address. Hacks on tap at g mail dot com. It's true repair the big tech conspiracy here hacks on tap g mail dot com senator question it out and maybe read it on the air so question. Number one is for the esteemed. Mr axelrod comes from tyler so cool. They named a city in texas after him. Tyler rights acts given your vast experience in democratic politics names to left me but anyway centuries of experience in democratic politics. I'm curious why you think senator kirsten cinema tax so hard to the middle when her senate partner mark kelly does not while pulling their in arizona suggests. Kelly is more popular in the state. Even though he's taken numerous dances to cinemas left. Can you please explain all this. So tyler listen. Kirsten cinema loves to poke the left in the is she thinks it helps her a politically. She was very. She made a very flamboyant vote against raising the minimum wage Earlier this year that drove out or not she right in the middle of this Bipartisan infrastructure discussion. She's opposed to the filibuster change So abut to conclude that kelly is somehow a left Politicians is mistaken at misreads politics in arizona. If i was there during that campaign he ran a campaign that was decidedly Mired in tone. And i think he is moderate in in habit He ran a campaign about country over party. Stressed his military service You know there's no doubt he is solidly in progressive. But he is. He is pragmatic and You know. I think they're both it. Both of them recognized the state which is a swing state dominated by maricopa county which is largely a suburban County where with moderate voters And and you have to be able to appeal across party lines. So you know. I wouldn't separate one from the other The the difference is not that dramatic. He has a very moderate tone and style which is part of the package. Well a lifetime in the military the astronaut thing and so on yeah it's mccain. He's echoes of the senator. They all knew well. Jackie we have a tough question for you. But an important one from chris chris rights as someone who knows politics only from the outside. I of always wondered what makes one politician more powerful than another within their own party. Why pelosi mccarthy schumer and mcconnell have rank and others don't so leadership politics unwrapped that one. Well i know this will sound weird. But i love congressional leadership politics and when i first started covering congress in nineteen eighty four I i studied up on the history because past decades there had been some good ones that involve people like gerald ford who would later be president and in eighty six. there was a fabulous insider democratic leadership race that was just a real temp. And this is why. I love them. There were six candidates for this democrat house. Democratic leadership race in each of the candidates represented a not just a fraction of the house but a faction of the party rodley. And it told you where the party was in this late reagan administration period of our politics So come all the changes in our politics up to the president trump era of post trump era. The one thing that still pretty much the same our leadership politics in congress and that is an inside game. That's why you have somebody like mitch. Mcconnell in the senate mitch. Mcconnell could never win a national election i would say. But he's the perfect for your. It's the perfect you know Candidate for an insider congressional leadership race. He did from the time he came to congress. In nineteen eighty five to the senate is he steeped himself in insider senate business down to the little perks that senators get and he. That's why he's on the senate rules committee which determines things like that and he And that's why he carved out such a place for Opposing any Limits on campaign finance and that was his biggest issue and so and pelosi pelosi. Is i think perhaps the best speaker in. us history. But she could she too would. Never i don't think when a national election but she came up she came up through the ranks and she Cater to her members and to each faction of the party. She's yes she's a liberal from san francisco but her inside politics don't reflect that she is very supportive of her moderates and the people that are in vulnerable districts. And so that's all i'll say about that's how people and a bumbler like schumer again. Schumer would never win national election. But you know again i. That's gotta love. You gotta love these politics because it puts these people in positions of power. That are so that they can sit down with presidents of both parties and deal. Yeah it's the world's biggest high class president election with secret balance to which had another dole wants famously joke when he lost a committee vote. I don't know it lost it like you know twelve to six. I don't know. I had eighteen firm commitments election of politicians. All right last question. Got anything for me dr axelrod. This is simple question murphy. After listening to steve israel in recent podcast my question is best to contribute money to the d triple c the party fundraising organization congressional candidates to pick individual candidates to contribute to well. I'll tell you i might. I'm i'm getting an instant migraine. 'cause it's not my business normally to advise democratic donors but these are trying times so what i would do is use. That thing to kids love called the internet. I will check out. Larry sabbaticals crystal ball report. The cook political report which is excellent. Stu rothenberg some of the great handicappers and read up. 'cause they're only two dozen congressional races that normally count. They've all got websites. Put your money into into those places and give them hard dollars your money at the campaign committee. I but when in doubt you have a little extra find to give to the d. trip. There's kind of a layer of overhead but there the official committee can't go wrong giving to both due to work to pick a few races there also bundling organizations that do list but you you can do your own research. Have a little fun. We're at a time here. But a plug. I think for the great book right and we forgetting our plugs here. Was that your transition. Did i screw it up. No i wanna commend to everyone. Descent the radicalization. The republican party in its capture of the court. If you really want to know how we got here and jackie just the final word before we go. Have you been surprised by cavenaugh on the bench and What say you about the future. The court given the fact that the republican party been so successful. And populating it. I haven't really been surprised by him. He's been every bit as conservative as he'd given us reason to expect he would be but he's also A bit of a speaking of hacks his background is as something of a political hack and so he has shown along with the chief justice. John roberts a sort of sensitivity to the american mainstream that he does that ah by his some of his boats in his writings. Doesn't you know sides. With chief. Justice john roberts and sometimes amy coney barrett to to Not go as far as the bar right and that includes justices sam alito and neal gorsuch And clarence thomas would like to go. So i think it's because they're more of an instrumentalist but make no mistake. Cavenaugh wants to be in the end at the same place. That sam alito wants to be and So it's just a matter of time. And he also came out of politics in a way the others exact. That's why that's why. I with all fineness. Use the word..

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