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And this is something that she's been like working hard on like but she wanted them to open up that way class so she could compete <hes> evenly because I'm not I'm not going to classes at all. They take them out we say when he comes a U._F._c. like. I don't know who you are not rooting for you because I it's it's like being in wrestling like having invested interest all their fights are Swazi like big events. It's like well like okay. You're a new fighter aliquo. <hes> that's what I get from professional wrestling so knowing like fighters at come from here like okay. You're from Cleveland. Even I like you yup jess donor since fifth grade okay. I'm really vested in you so when you do something good. I think it's awesome when you're fight. When you sign my you'll see like it's just awesome and that is the thing eleven thing is to? I think we if even if you leave certain people we will still love you. <hes> Kenny Lofton is just a local sports legend and I mean in in everyone a championship but you know he can show up at progressive yield at the next game in people go crazy because it's Kenny lofton that hero Jim Thome ailing the way that my brother-in-law's talk about Jim. Tommy is like the God they love that man remember when Albert Bell ran over those trick or treaters and we were on Albert Bell side I I don't I aboard. That was the thing I remember when we through batteries at Albert Bell Master to Sandy Almar like sitting at first base like the pop he gets every time it may announce like I. That's why I felt love with this town is is because they know loves Cleveland. More than Cleveland People like I saw this article like you Cleveland Only towery see people wearing Cleveland shirts in Cleveland and that's not true but like I I have acquired like ten Cleveland Shirts and I've been here since twenty any fifty like my wife has about ten times more than that and I love that in like with a w w fans are awesome. I do love how how much they love. Everyone who goes in that ring they boo the right people right that they booed cheer like an edgy crowd has never flanked unless it's been like the eight hour eight hour mark on his show. They're never flat. I appreciate absolution ten. I remember watching the D._v._d.. Of that that's a Oh oh you. It's the experience at the show because it was very hot. Yes yes a hot. Those Mount Carmel Shows got toasty. Sometimes in the summer they got toasty. Got Yankee not not nearly as bad as that APSO ten because there was another A._C.. Wasn't working or whatever but <hes> the fact that I remember a lot of people we get so stuffy mill after intermission like came back in. I guess that was worry worse because you have to go back into it in <unk> Turner's or is that a colonel neither that was at I forget the venues a special venue that was out with the big Ted man tag main event see like the first time I ever saw okay w was the <hes> little clip of Alexander Stuttered Alexander giving Kenneth low-rate a backer. What was that APSO Dan and like dot as soon as I saw that like that's Cleveland? I'm I'm going to Cleveland and you. I need you see this. That was a Tuesday. That's my favorite moments of wrestling's the way that she bounced off his knees. Insane that that show is just fun by that was like a great moment like I said the ten-man tag match which had head Samoa Joe Easy Three Row Josh Prohibition Matt Cross T._J.. Z. I the only name that is is the irrelevancies Alex Daniels everybody else either Cleveland Levin. Oh Young Bucks. How could I fucking forget? The young bucks match. I don't think missing anybody but it's just that it was a star death that is made of what do you think about. D._J.'s evening signed to annex t this week. I think it's a good fit it. I think <hes> being one of those free agents that if you start thinking of any wrestlers as regions of Michael Go <hes> I mean did he have enough shine ago a w maybe. Leaving Reno but I think I think it's a good fit especially you know with mania coming up in them. You know they're gonNA come through and rate annexed tea and scoop up some towns so he's a good one to plug in and Phil what he does with it a year here to see but I'll do so I'm on for the fun thing with him is <hes> I kinda got a heads up but I wasn't told where I was talking to arrest or. I'm not going to say who at the last show in he kinda let it slip about. He signed somewhere he was going to sign somewhere that each edgy was and all the where he's like. I must say on my okay like you like you gave me a little bit but you didn't. There's still some surprise so my even my head on my age w w what's navigate impacting like he's not like re-sign offering ages just resigned with them now okay. What's this going to be so but it's amazing like I'm super pumper this A._W._o._l.? Like they just start putting pictures of Lak- The giant banner on the M._G._M.. In Vegas advertising the show and that started circulating around the Internet and I'm just like man. This is really cool. This is like a young enough like when the Monday night wars like so like went W._c._w.. Like I hit like all that advertisement of has to be by right but to see something similar to that to be able to advertise and be almost a legit middle finger to events and all of that and say a new kids in town in the actually have some legs to stand on is really Kinda cool to see like I wish it all the success like I wanted to succeed with the amount of talented they've signed <hes> as progressive as they're being with that talent that they signed <hes>. It's really engaging. I think it's really intriguing <hes> but I mean you know is going to be enough to to be able to keep a foothold or is it going to kind of be the new Monday night wars as it or defensive and carries. He just screwed up got X._F._l.. You know I mean I would think the smart thing to do is which I think this this is what really lacked with the Monday night wars and why team I never did anything. It's don't try to beat them. Be Your own thing a great like so you're saying that recently about how Tina's like they've always been good when they carve their own niche yeah and I think like that that's when they were trying to be w that's why they were failing but as soon as they like they were the first ones that do the hardy stuff off deletion that I'm here that should not have worked yeah. It should not have worked at all like two dudes wrestling in their backyard and there's no fans there's nothing yeah and I think the one place that doesn't get credit for. I'm not a fan of it but I will hit my hat to them which underground underground absolutely because they were the ones going while we're going to do our own spin like I always thought like the the six sided ring. It's like that's too hokey to work but with legitimate like we're going to be different but we're going to still like we're have the same bring him everything. I should've differently and we're going to take different approaches with stuff. It's not listen. We're going to be in lake doing it. In seasonally they put their own stamp on it and I think like where Awa does like that could be a big thing I think because I just heard someone say the state. That's a really good idea. Maybe the thing that A._W._S. should do trying to do more streaming than anything because that's like. That's the future not like if you just get into that kind of market instead of like argument T._v.. Channel which every pretty much if you're not w. e. that's kind of thing I have high spots. I don't know why where exactly you would go but I mean the conference. He's got enough money that they could Mustang watch their own thing but they could partner with someone but yeah I mean like like the impact now. What does the twitch stuff and like twitches real big renowned so like it's a smart play really also the waited it set up on like so I get the channel they're on now couldn't tell you what it is? I get it for some reason. It's like segmented half hour blocks so I can't be V._R.. It catching up either on twitch or on Youtube but right now like I love the stuff impacts doing like the weird stuff with Rosemary and alley yeah. They like like they're doing different. There's abuse i. They have like this whole like they're trying to get her soul back from hell and then you should Rosemary's talk to Satan next week they would never do W._B._Z.. But I'm super excited to see where goes I would. I would say this is being the elite like if you took off the table able do you think that all or nothing would have been as big as it is probably not and I mean that's really it's all these buddies getting together shooting shit and being goofy as they are and it's it's this weird world of that streaming against this personable side of developing your character a you know there. That's what I think. People want more of its. I just heard a radio Santa's guy panelists every week or everyday. I should say a <hes> explain like the how how great podcast are because the used to be radio directors out there program directors that would be like well. Don't do this because people don't WanNa hear that and now you get into the point where people are downloading those type of like Pontius. Make him well. This podcast is the big like why are we doing this kind of materially like you can actually gauge what like people's Inter- like what they're interested in and I think with wrestling you kinda now have some of the same stuff yeah. I've been looking looking people like with like Mark Rolston. There's if it was ten fifteen twenty years ago microstart shouldn't they would it lacked out of the building let alone letterman or ring and like he's phenomenal wrestler like I get to see him at all in and he's like Kim going up against <hes> Bell Ray was fantastic. It was all of the joy chanel does is although we should the heat is like again like the without the Internet all the things of let oh he's garbage all his but like I mean his show was the fastest to sell out of all wrestlemainia weekend but you can say it's one of the most anticipated anticipated show is that's not an X._t.. Or wrestlemainia and like that's awesome is so that makes me so happy for independent wrestling is that you have someone like that WHO's like books the weirdest legends and does the we the divisible man thing and got lead over the thing which Annella I'll give him credit like the what the key to his success world useful for the spring breaks is the first one because no one I went to that wrestlemainia weekend. I almost went to that show but I had been up twenty twenty some hours and we had to get up early the next morning for Russell Con bumbling. I can't do it. I didn't get to sleep as much in the car. My I know I got I gotta sleet so that's what I end up doing in that Edna being like the breakout show Joe and I think that was so good that like oh I gotta go back to that next year. Oh I missed out on that I need to go next year and now like another then. He did like the New York stuff too and going back to somewhere where we are with wrestling. I think I've talked about this before about how colleague Marco stunt like you mentioned that aspect of it I I found about out about him. Through <hes> power bomb now I mean not your movie but our Bamut even interesting dot TV through center on the pro you know fifteen years what I be watching. I just a random show in tennyson and like I fell in love with him and then when he got that moment at at the backfire per the New York show for Georgian House like Oh wow that's and then like I've watched like it was that in all in where he just blew up an employer up even more the leg injury sought but I always even side with him. It's like that's gonNA benefit him in the long run because people didn't get tired of him they were really sinking their teeth in and all the sudden got taken going away and now they have to wait and when he comes back he's going to be huge like I mean I am sure but I mean thing was like you know it was up all these without the Internet like Eh. W has a life who outside Cleveland Sup has a life outside of Tennessee like all these different little independent promotions like evenly progress you know without the Internet is still just in England until you have all these these companies that have figured you're not like streaming the way to go. You have things like independent DOT TV or power slam dot TV always always different services were ahead the big independence the mid like.

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