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We've seen documentaries and stuff about the very sort of villainous elena side of plea deals and how it's just you know it's constructed to move people along. It's convenient for people who aren't you and i. I'm wondering just <unk> accuracy wise in that in that scene. You really seemed to have gotten some bad intel from somebody who is supposed to be your advocate. The plea bargain is such an important part to the story and that's that's what i hope that people really do pick up on that we we have a judicial system. That's based off a please. Where ninety five to ninety seven percent of all criminal cases in the united states states ends in some form of a plea bargain only three to five percent actually go to trial and so it says a lot about <hes> you know th the being tough on the crime and having a high conviction rate in verses the moral and ethical obligation of seeking the truth in these cases what <hes> so if you've been if you were able to afford o._j.'s team of lawyers would this've ever come close to this. You know what i would say. If if i just had a lawyer who really cared i think the outcome would have been different. My lawyer never used d._n._a. In my case which was not present there was no dna never visited the suppose. What was it crime scene. <hes> never interviewed the people that i suggested that they should interview so i had an inadequate counsel. My mom soda house sold her car to pay his lawyer and his lawyer lawyers. Just wanted me to take a deal from day one. We later found out that she was on her way to becoming a judge didn't want to lose any more cases and so in some ways was trying to kind how to ponder cases are. There's this other part of life. It's like the realtor part of life which is when you're selling a house or something. The amount don't work if they're getting two percent or four percent they got a whack and half or whatever it is amount of work to get it to the price. You want versus. Just take what we got here. They get almost. It's nothing for that extra top little percent. That makes a big difference to you but to them who cares. Let's do it so they're like you. Find your own people. Oh who you're paying will work against you. Ll oftentimes. I think there's a chapter in freakonomics it wasn't it wasn't a realtor houses comparable houses of course same bedroom pay mouth self or whatever it is five to ten percent higher of their clients because their motivation with the client's house is to get that sale done as quickly as possible on the next one with their own houses. Get every penny right right well. It's basically like saying we'll just take this deal right now and i'll get ten thousand dollars. I don't want to work super.

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