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Excited well the headline now from The Washington Post is trump denies that he suggested nuking hurricanes but the government wants to study the idea that's the headline in The Washington Post today so forget that whole Akio story that was all be as the MSNBC story that was all made up but it turns out that at National Geographic has talked about I actually invented the idea myself when I was ten years old they didn't follow through with my idea WMAL FM Woodbridge Washington while five point nine FM W. M. eight where Washington comes to talk email news at eleven good morning on John Matthews at this hour president trump is wrapping up the G. seven meeting in France with a joint news conference with French president Emmanuel McCrone this is a truly successful G. seven there was tremendous unity there was great unity has sometimes I'd read a little bit of false reporting has I will tell you there was in fact we were we were to stay for another hour nobody wanted to leave we were pushing a lot but I think more importantly we're getting along very well seven countries earlier French president my crown an ounce the G. seven nations have committed to donating twenty million dollars to Amazon region countries to help battle rain forest fires and for reforestation that announcement came at a G. seven meeting on climate change of meeting president trump skipped the body of a third of the thirty nine year old Fairfax county school teacher went missing earlier this month has been found the body of Simon Chang a teacher at south lake high school was found in a wooded area off of Lee highway next to his motorcycle preliminarily active believe the operator was riding motorcycle from Lee highway to northbound perfect thank parkway when the motorcycle ran off the right shoulder of the ramp traversed Ranko with Fairfax county police says the body had been there for some time please do not believe another vehicle was involved the worst outbreak of measles since nineteen ninety two is not over yet twelve new cases were recorded last week bringing the year's total to twelve hundred and fifteen in thirty states from Alaska to Florida experts at the centers for disease control and prevention say most involve patients who weren't vaccinated and more than three quarters are linked to outbreaks in New York state and New York City it's been nineteen years since the official declaration that measles had been eliminated in the U. S. a status that could be in jeopardy if the case count continues to go up through next month I'm Jan Johnson a new school year started.

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