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My co-host rally is on vacation. And so once again two guests will fill in for her first. Up is the great david. Brock of defector. Last time we talked about the yankees the new york team whose plot fortunes improved dramatically in august. That was the best of times for one of new york's teams today. We'll talk about the worst of times for the new york mets who have seen their fortunes fall just as steeply as the yankees have seen. There's rise not only. Are they losing a lot. But they're also sort of feuding with fans. Keep in mind that we recorded the segment before the mets walked off the marlins on tuesday in the continuation of a suspended game from april and the hero of that game in the ninth was none other than one of the instigators of that feud year bias. Who had an rbi infield single to keep them mets alive and then scored on a michael conforto walk-off so at least for a day. I'm sure some of the bad blood stop boiling by as was predictably booed when he pinch hit in the eighth but the booze turned to cheers at least temporarily in the following an intense or fickle and conforto said. We got to keep winning winning his all. We want winning his health. Offense what we're all pulling in the same direction here. I can tell you that the guys wanted to win this game about as badly as any other game. We've played in short winning cures all and as you'll hear shortly they have many more ill secure in l. Need many more wins in a short spent time to get back in the race. After that i will be joined by ben clements of fan graphs to talk about another swift fall. This one involving cleveland. Closer james karen check was gone from being one of the best relievers in baseball. Aaa will discuss how that happened. What it did and didn't have to do with sticky stuff. And then we'll also discuss the excellence of adam wainwright who is thriving at forty in the post. Far substance era will also discuss the cardinals who are still kind of contended. Even though you may not have noticed. And then i will play you out with some stat blasts and i should warn you the second segment of the show is clean in the first segment. David will do some swears and we have left them in. Because when you talking to someone who's a skilled at swearing as david is. It seems like ashamed to censor him so hydra kids though really if you let them watch the mets you should probably let them pick up some profanity to just they'll be equipped for what's in store. So let's meet those mets almost a year ago. We had david roth. On the show marked two milestones the launch of the website he co-founded defector and the new york. Mets brave new world without the wilpon. The good news all these months later is that it seems like defectors doing great the same. Cathy said of the mets who are doing a good impression of their same old selves after stumbling along at the top of a week division for most of the season they have completely cratered lately getting demolished by the giants and dodgers on a recent road trip. Which is somewhat understandable but also going eight nineteen in august heading into a tuesday doubleheader. They now trail atlanta by several games. They're also behind philadelphia. Their playoff odds which were hovering around eighty percent for most of the season are now down to two point. Six percent and on top of that multiple members of the team gave the fence. The thumbs down during sunday's game. It's so funny that. I can't even say it with a straight face with the parts of cisco ebert being played by heavier by as francisco. Indoor and kevin Maybe the funniest part is that. Apparently some mets have been thumbs downing the fence for most of the month but no one really noticed. Because presumably the mets have had so few occasions to celebrate so team. President sandy alderson released a statement condemning. The thumbs downing the players apologized team owner. Steve cohen is tweeting through it. Things are generally go in great so david less time you were on. I think we asked you whether you had mixed feelings. About the fact that with the mets seemingly poised on the point of competence. Your services as the internet's foremost mixologist. Were about to be in much less dement but as it turns out the brand is still strong. Well that's right ben. Defectors doing great coming on our first year live online and We're planning a celebration for all our fans it'll be online. And of course. Ed venue in brooklyn. That's september ninth thumbs up two defectors fans. Yes won't be talking about any of the other things you addressed. Don't feel like it's time yet. This is really something man. I was away for a lot of august. And i was able to keep up with the mets in the way that you're able to keep up with the mets like i have the mlb at bat app on my phone. So i knew that they were winning twice a week coming back and finding out that they've been taunting fans every time they score ronin home which is again every three game. It's really remarkable shit. I'm i don't think that. I get that surprised by the things that the team does anymore or at least i want to believe that. That's the case in this whole thing is Feels newish to me. Yeah i love it. But i do. If i'm gonna watch the team like lose two out of three games to the marlins for the entire rest of the season like i've done that before you know. And like miguel..

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