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The federal Columbus holiday remains in place I'm Richard Jordan and this is you'll be hearing news time for five good morning I'm Robert wood carving Austin's news some austenite to want to take back control of the convention center that's part of proposition B. on the November ballot Fred Lewis of unconventional Austin explains we used to vote on convention center expansion and every other city besides fort worth in Austin have the right to vote on the convention center expansion so this gets us back to where every other city is the proposition would not only give voters a say in whether or not the convention center expands it also limits the take of hotel tax revenue would gets Lewis at the convention center takes over seventy two percent of the revenue while producing only less than five percent of tourism business Eric like of newsradio kale BJ Austin city council member Kathy Tobelo see some potential mobility hurdles as counsel put together the next land development code rewrite Gail B. J. radar weather watch low to mid eighties today I'm Robert would get news on demanded newsradio kale B. J. dot com this is American morning from Westwood One news on John trout it's Monday October fourteenth twenty nineteen Columbus day coming up on American morning president trump pulls all remaining US forces out of harm's way in the fight between the Turks and the Kurds I'm Bob Constantini Washington house impeachment investigators expect to hear some testimony this week the president will be impeached I'm Linda canyon in Washington it was a video of a mass killer in Florida I'm Jeff mackay in the New York times says the parity video shows a smiling president trump attacking the media and rival a woman dead in a police officer under investigation following a controversial shooting in Texas the window is closing on the hybrid electric car market so what's next I'm John Lesher at the workmen's circle for the largest is going which program in the world we teach it online and in person I'm Jim Bohannon about to tell you what they teach the beautician later off all ahead on America in the morning seven.

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