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These are not normal circumstances that's an employment commissioner Suzi Levine who says it may take time but everyone who is eligible will get their benefits testing tracing and quarantining that's what's required open society back up again according to doctors at Fred Hutch almost Romero reports researchers in January started modeling the spread of covert nineteen from China into the U. S. but now they've come up with a new model that quantifies what they believe we need to get back to some semblance of normal relations was also asking about half the symptomatic people isolation and then of them and their households entries in at least twenty to forty percent of their contacts Dr Beth Halloran says theoretically that would be enough to keep the code curve flat while requiring only a small percentage of people to be isolated she says if we could ramp up testing for people who don't show symptoms as well as those who do then we could start opening things tomorrow but it's the availability of testing that's one of the main issues C. Romero Comeau news advocates for nursing homes and assisted living facilities say until this week they have had that not been the it made a priority in this pandemic mark Parkinson is the president and CEO of the American health care association and national center for assisted living unfortunately when you look back over the last couple of months it's very obvious that the long term care profession has been left out it has been forgotten the residents have not have the resources that they need Parkinson says they say they lack the.

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