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We know is to optimize your opportunity and he is optimized at any fulfilled. It to me enough where he could get into the NBA draft pick give you case in point high character guy. Trevor Lawrence Wall Street Journal wrote an article saying he needs to sit out the next two years. Trevor lords if he sits out the next two years, it's still gonna be a top ten pick. Maybe number one pick. Why go through the rigors and people don't think basketball's a physical sport as his team as I'm sure the person who wrote that Wall Street Journal has never played a plate an inch of college athletics or play at that light. He is he is one of the things that we are not the number one pick in the NBA draft like so he's going to be that regardless. But but you cannot get back experiences and playing college basketball and plan for national champions experienced that I can't replace anything else. That's how you keep your eye on the prize. If your goal is to go pro the condos sitcom, but some people see, and that's why I explained this. This whole Duke dynamic people think that you go to Duke for something else, then, but you go for the experience you go to play for coach K, you go to be a part of something you just don't go just to beat a number. Why did you leave it in one does situation because you've got because you the minimum required. Go to learn. There's a minimum requirement. But it's it's not all the NC double minimum requirement guys are taking other paths, you could make more money to take another path. So it's not the only path right now. So if you take on that jersey, you want you want to go for a year before years you want to learn you want to go play. And you want to be part of something. I think that's what he went for because he's having a blast. He gives energy the one thing. I like about the kid. He plays heart, regardless of what he is on a draft board. He's giving life to his teammates. He's trying to learn and be better and be more well rounded basketball player and that comes with more reps. And I don't think the injury happened to trade. I don't think so happen to that bulldozer. Let me say this. I agree with both of I really got. I grew with him to understand his he's all some point about. Hey, man. You could've went to South Carolina. Right. But you went to do to play for national championship. You wanted to hold Duke experience, you won't be part of the Duke family. But I totally agree with you quitting to me is in what he would be doing taking care of himself and his family is what he would be doing if he chose to step away. And then the other part of me wants this whole amateurism system destroyed, and so I love seeing these kids pull the rug out on these schools and universities that are making money off them. They need to figure out a way to compensate these pro level players the upper echelon players while they're in college to take this pool away from them compensated, the NBA the NFL should work with these universities to take care of these guys while. They're in college at ones with great pobox. Oh, pasta..

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