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Russell period leading up to that so we are ready to go typical shall be stall we were trying to make it look like just of called read but really wanted to impress and i hadn't had been discovered i had another skin cancer my nose i went from my regular checkup halfway through and the guy said you're going to have to get up on tomorrow said all so if i do that tomorrow i said a because the day after that i'm doing a song and dance sort of thing action are dance to singing emma doctor's like you do on his stamina said you've got cancer this his skin cancer is not deadly it is growing every day you got to get it out to tomorrow and he was going on vacation that's run so it would have been two weeks later saw wind got a done he stitching me up and he said so you can sing for another 48 hours has had a cassim just a little bit learning does not you've already stitches union us and that's how a and and tall michael greis who the stories had our members had do not tell well a soul he says the thai history deal are expecting you hugh jackman to sing tomorrow and you are going to announce not me beg you are going to announce that you not so i did and named the very last saw it was so frustrating for me to do the saints and then someone else furry khan i sing the songs forming a came to the last on with how to seen the first line amine is very quiet so i saying that this live sing secondline a hot seeing the third line before i knew it was often running like a drunk down the straight and end his loving that music and of course it was a great show biz moment and then i remember feeling a trickle of something which was blood coming from under the pasta and i went and see my doctor who had to race stitch up on us and he was in theory unimpressed as his yep who got the green light as i can get the mv.

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