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We're brought to you by hymns me on these an lucrative, but I'll tell you about that later for now let's begin the show with what is and forever will be the rope report. Time for some news that he's, he's on it. You You know know what what I I mean? mean? Again, friend. Okay. Calm down four on the road. Does it number one? I'm gonna give you the whole shebang here. One hundred hour work weeks. Have an apparently part of red dead redemption to this is James bachelor over a games industry is we're going to read what he talks about because I, let's dial it back even further vulture had an article with Dan Houser. Of course, one of the brothers, the heads of rockstar, they put it up. It's a fascinating read covers all sorts of shenanigans about what's happening with red dead too. But one thing a lot of people have keyed in on including games. Bachelor was talking about a one hundred hour workweek. I'm going to read that. However, Jian they already have a response from Dan Houser about the interview in the way it's being spoiled on a long one sick with me. It's gonna lead interesting conversations. Dan Houser said that the team has been working one hundred hour weeks several times in two thousand eighteen later, adding that compared to previous rockstar projects. This was the hardest, his brother. Thank you for the air quotes his brother Sam till. The site earlier this year we've everything we have into red dead redemption to we have really pushed ourselves as hard. As we came. The result is a game that Dan claims sixty five hours long, although five hours of content has actually been cut in boasts. Three hundred thousand animations, five hundred thousand lines of dialogue, recorded by seven hundred voice actors in even more lines of code, the level of detail seen in the trailers and the going preview suggest this work has paid off, but it brings to mind the rockstar spouse incident around the original red dead redemption back in two thousand ten. Just a few months before the game launched an open letter allegedly written on behalf of the wives of rockstar CBS employee's claim that teams that team. Sorry, was expected to work sixty hour weeks, twelve hour days including Saturdays, or they would face disciplinary action rockstar later attributed this to quote people taking me opinions of a few non posters on message boards. As fact. We, this is a quote. Again, we're saddened if any former members of any studio did not find their time here in joy, -able or creatively fulfilling in wish them well with finding environment more suitable to their temperaments in needs. But the vast majority of our company are focused solely on delivering cutting edge, interactive.

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