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Seven you don't need a prefix aero aids KNBR well you can always tweet me question at P. Y. a radio again it's out P. Y. a radio and I was just talking about social security because just the other day I was doing a weapon are one of our guests name was Eric Mr mask start asking me all kinds of questions about how and when he should take his social security and I started throwing into it his wife's age and you can understand all right well with this so you just got it is good to have just got me knowing that people just don't know they don't know what to do SO security there's so many different ways to think about it and if you're like Eric you know you think you get the statement from the government and there's three ways you know they put on there and that's it right you have three choices no wrong wrong if it does if you're sixty five year old couple and you're obviously the couple married hopefully after you married to get this benefit okay I'll be married all right so if you're married there is one thousand three hundred and seventy nine different ways to collect your benefits yeah one thousand reserve right because I was like winning the lottery so here's the bottom line if you can develop a strategy as to how and when you can take your social security benefits and this could add up to a hundred thousand dollars or more in additional lifetime income and that kind of money could really help your your spouse when you need it don't you think so stick around the entire show as I'm gonna walk you through what you're going to need to know before you make the wrong decision now let's get started well the markets gave up this week we were down the Dow three point three one S. and P. off two point eight six nasdaq not too bad because the.

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