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Bring the warm bliss of this holy season to our families our friends our neighbors and to those in need president trump in a video message adding prayers for U. S. service members overseas the U. S. still waiting for the Christmas gift that North Korea warned about any experts point to the end of your deadline set by North Korea for negotiations with the trump administration is the real day to watch earlier this month the present dispatches top envoy to the talks to South Korea but North Korea ignored she begins visit to the Korean peninsula and no talks were held with North Korea as a result US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft been flying almost round the clock over South Korea monitoring for any signs of military activity or chatter from the hermit kingdom fox's Lucas Tomlinson America is listening to fox news I'm trolls praying and this is the fox business report the way you shop for a new car is about to change Ford's chief futurists Carol Connelly says they're trying out smart labs which let you select a car without actually going into a dealer to dealer specs center for some people find it a lot of pressure so one of things that were piling into the smart labs around the world where you can go to like a regular mall cleaned out the product take a look at it schedule a test drive without the traditional kind of sales like just looking sort of model she says you'll be able to get a better idea of what you need before you shop for trying six different countries the pilot to see how that changes are actual customers it's really not understanding what the customer.

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