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March means one thing basketball basketball basketball did you know the college players born in north dakota or historically the most accurate three point shooters the ncaa is using google cloud at turn data into insights and so can your business see how g dot co slash march madness google cloud the official cloud of the ncaa he's he's the best best ami of the paul finebaum show podcast monday has arrived in a new month april second quarter of the year alive and well we have april fools day out of the way we weren't no we're not going to play any pranks on your other than the usual callers welcome to a new week welcome to a new month and tonight the final night of the college basketball season hope everybody had a great easter weekend we are raring to go and let's crank up the headline machine and tell you what has happening and if you picked up the clarion ledger today in mississippi it was disappointment but also look ahead a bright future at mississippi state after the national title loss state has a lot to wonder about and we will talk to fix schafer who twice as gone to the national championship but he has brought great pride and celebration to a program that had not seen a lot of it until his arrival a couple of we'll talk about mississippi state's heroic run through the tournament and victoria vivians what a just incredible career she has had just a stunning stunning basketball player points three pointers and wins all rank top ten sec history well done.

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