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Assistant and mowing lake elementary in new port Richey is learning a hard lesson about how the criminal justice system works deputies took twenty year old marina Dietz into custody after they say she exchanged drugs with the seventeen and eighteen year old in her apartment deputies found out about deeds during an investigation into the overdose death of a teenager this neighbor tells news channel eight there was a party Dietz's apartment the night before okay that passed and another kid were at her house and I guess they were all doing drugs together nasco county school officials say Dietz has been terminated from the teaching post a job she started at moon lake in January Sarasota police are investigating after a ten year old boy was shot with a pellet gun witnesses told detectives the pellet rifle was being used for target practice when the boy was accidentally hit by a ricochet from the gun doctors found a small projectile in his back he was taken to Sarasota memorial and then Tampa General Hospital due to the severity of his injuries at last word he was in stable condition Ricco show news radio W. F. L. any ballots for the twenty twenty Florida presidential primary are in the mail they were going to be sending out about a hundred sixty three thousand plus ballots to our domestic local voters hear they requested a vote by mail ballot Hillsborough County supervisor of elections Craig Latimer says there's an important deadline voters who are not signed up as either Republicans or Democrats by February eighteenth are locked out of the primary because Florida has the closed primary system for more news listen to the daily die the big news stories explained not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio out or wherever.

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