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Welcome back to the program. The Glenn Beck program. We've got a couple of things I want you to know that mercury one is working with our Pentagon right now, even as we speak the the the US soldiers that were killed. As a part of what we're doing over in the Middle East. Isis has claimed responsibility for this. We are going to make sure that their families are taken care of. We would love for your help. If you would like to help us on that just go to mercury one dot org. And let's make sure that their families are taking care of that the children have you know, school and everything that they could possibly need as they've lived as they've lost their loved one or their father their spouse. You can go to mercury one dot org. All right. We could talk about the guy who has been obstructed by aliens. Which is pretty interesting or don't forget about the wine and Pringles update. Oh, we have an update on that. Yes. The bar in Houston has decided to start serving wine in Pringles cans in honor of the awesome. It's called the branch. I think the ranch the branch something like that. Oh my gosh. The ranch I think that's a friend of ours restaurant. I don't know the branch is the name of it. Houston bar. Maybe maybe not so reserved box Chablis and Merlo cans of Pringles starting Wednesday night. Classic glass that's class. Or we could talk to Stephen Baldwin Stephen Baldwin is here in studio, an actor and the new movie called the least of these let me start with this have you ever gone to WalMart and Ben in one of their little writing shopping carts while drinking any kind of wine out of a Pringles, can and do you look down on those people that do that? This time. Response can possibly be, sir. I am not aware of any. You're if I were. Disclosed. In any kind of a public broadcast. How are you? In a long time. Yeah, I've seen you. But I haven't seen faced too. Gosh, there's a whole bunch. I want to say to you. I I want to start with quit monkeying around Janu hairy, really. Our idea against it. Stop. We're also I will say monkeying around. Just picking it out stuff out of other people's for listen there is. You know, there's. Yes. Stuff to talk about this world has gone insane, buddy. Insane. When Stephen Baldwin sits at the Mike with you this many years later on the blaze, and God bless you for your success, and you up by the way, the the interviews over in ten seconds to get one share of stock after the new merger. Larry. No, God bless himself..

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