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Look at austin's on time traffic heavy delays and then we've got a broken down eighteen wheeler sitting on the upper deck thirty five southbound near thirty eight and a half street blocking that right lane we also have reports of a wreck on thirty five southbound service rooted wells branch parkway a collision reported on one eighty three northbound in between thirty five and lamar plus a rack over on far west eastbound at mo pack that has the right lane and partial center lane blocked and then the reported collision on westbound ninety at signal hill drive and construction has toll one thirty southbound down to one lane at nine seventy three and a solid delays back towards palmer i melinda bryant with austin's onto jeff warden ed clements afternoons three to seven on newsradio klbj five ninety am and ninety nine point seven fm the phone numbers you'll need to make three six zero five ninety that's eight three six zero five ninety toll free eight seven seven five nine zero k lbj the china lifted one hundred six products including the biggest us exports to china by the way these also include a lot of technology goods which really affects semiconductors which would affect people in this town who aren't going to be too happy about this so this is approximately one hundred six products and i believe it's about fifty or sixty billion dollars worth of us products including soybeans whiskey and cars and they got to that would be some electron stuff i don't think phones were in there but but maybe so though where this goes every day how it plays out is pretty interesting at the same time this is going on don't call and freak out and say but that doesn't mean he did anything wrong maybe not as being reported right now that the special counsel team is interviewing russian oligarchs for donations to the trump campaign that's against the law by the way now you're going to say but but where's the proof that he knows i don't know i don't know the proof may not be any then again there may be some but that that trail that financial trail could prove really problematic.

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