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Try and bang their head into a wall. But sean mcvay is no dummy. He saw what the cowboys did in the season. Opener against the bucks and this rams team has all the weapons to be able to put a ton of stress tampa bay. It's pretty clear at this point. Teams are electing to be smart when they face the bucks defense. The light came on. It just does not make sense to run in the most efficient run defense back to back seasons just pound your head against a brick wall that is su vida and jp dallas as you mentioned seventy eight percent past the first three quarters on first and second down atlanta who wants to be a run first team with arthur smith. They went seventy one percent pass in those same situations. Week to sean. Mcvay for all the running he does. And it's a lot picked up on this last season when a in this up that the two teams at mcvay went fifty one percent pass and early downs. The first ten weeks of the season last year then week. Eleven came against the bucks defense and he was actually ahead of this curve mcvay went seventy-seven percent pass early downs with a quarterback. Jared goff that he didn't really trust so right off the bat. You know in this matchup. You're gonna get a rams offense going to attack. Its opponent the right way. That's through air and it's with a better quarterback than last year. It's with better weapons than last year. You know basically you had the opening game against stack first game officers ankle injury shoulder strain. That kept him out most of camp. And then you had an atlanta offense. It's learning a brand new system in game two of the year. Those offenses were success. Won fifty nine percent of their first down passes against tampa overall the bucks right now. Twenty first passing success rate defense. This is the area attack. Mcveigh has shown that he knows that's where he needs to attack. You know you look at the week one matchup again going back there. I think we outlined in focused on cd-rom lamb version murphy bunting and then after lamma visceral them you know bunting left with a dislocated elbow. Now there's no real viable slot option for the bucks rosser. Were kicking the tires on. Potentially josh norman. When he was on a practice squad and that never materialized. So who's covering cooper cup. Who's covering woods in the slot for tampa here last week. Tampa played a safety in the slot with mike edwards. He had the two big pick sixes. He looks the part but he's a backup safety being kind of pressed into duty. He graded out well. Last year. in the safety roles a backup. He transitioned last week. Twenty four slot snaps not his natural position. The other option is ross. Cockrel played seventeen snaps in the slot last week. I the jokes. You can make about his last name or as bad as coverage skills and he's been targeted fourteen times a season. He's allowed twelve catches two touchdowns good for a one forty three passer rating when thrown whether it's woods whether it's cup and cup has operated more in the slot than woods that matchup is is going to be at a disadvantage for the bucks defense period and kind of what i'm seeing here. Todd is two offenses that understand how to smartly attack. It's opponent based on their scheme and within that scheme. The player matchup should present some problems as well. And that's the reason we've seen this total go from fifty four out to fifty six shooting through the key of fifty five despite you know potentially antonio brown being out and then we saw sean mcvay missed practice yesterday with an illness. Although they're saying not the big c. We also saw this morning. And i didn't tell you this but you know at fifty five and a half. Another wave came in so a group said. Hey i i still like this over fifty five and a half even though i missed the fifty four in the fifty. Four and a half. And it's like. I'm cool taking not only the worst of it but i'm taking the worst of it past the key number fifty five interesting with this first half total still sitting at twenty six and a half but these two offenses clearly more than capable. If they start off slow to get things rolling. You mentioned the movement on the total. We've seen pain. The side is interesting because we saw the rams actually open a short favorites. I know there's gonna be a lot of public support. You know all the trends. Tom brady is an underdog. Those aren't going to apply unless there's buy back on the rams but that public money or in your opinion professional money. That's move this price through the zero on tuesday and wednesday that is that's pro money and what i will say is i think we may have just a difference of opinion and we kind of always joke about this every year and eventually it comes out and here we are we week. Three like the understanding of pro money in groups. And we're not all working together in unison ronald just like that's a lie around the campfire. That's a lie. We know there's a zoom meeting for everyone that has their handicapping card that loops everybody in and you guys have to be on the exact same side for a game to be designated professional side so what i think transpired is tuesday. I got a note that tampa was going to be coming in. It came in. They wanted obviously get out ahead of the after mentioned public money. That will come in on game day. Get the best of the number. But i do think there will be a scenario. Now that you have crossed the zero in your at one and a half people that had a different sentiment and we're thinking about the rams straight probably going to them. In a lot of teasers. I know the total high..

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