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You're listening now on your radio, phone, computer, are smart speaker. I'm Pat Cassidy AccuWeather says get ready for a big change in the weather. Partly sunny, breezy turning much, much cooler. It's very Wendy right now. Temperatures falling into the upper fifties. Sixty one degrees at O'Hare top local story on NewsRadio gathered around her a democratic challenger, Jay Pritzker. Again, took off the gloves early in their latest debate. Aired last night on channel seven the story this morning from WBZ's Bob Roberts. I the candidates exchanged barbs in the Quincy veterans home Pritzker, alleging an attempt to cover up legionella infection, then it was Pritzker toilets and the Lord property tax. Bill. He's promised to pay when it moved down to stay taxes. He's defending the most unfair income tax system in the nation. That's what Eleanor has I pay my income taxes. Bottom are paying thirteen and eleven percent and people at the top are paying about half of that Bronner said the state must attract business to grow its tax base faster than spending increases Bob Roberts, NewsRadio on what five point nine FM. Closing arguments are to begin this morning and the murder trial of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. WBZ Bernie to foia is live outside the Layton criminal court building with the story. Bernie jury deliberations could begin as early as this afternoon. The forty year old police officers accused of first degree murder aggravated battery and official misconduct in the shooting of teenagers. Quantum McDonald observation dyke testified he shot the sixteen year old because he believed McDonald was going to attack police with a knife. Prosecutors say video shows otherwise one question is whether judge Vincent gone will instruct the jury that it can find Van Dyke guilty of a lesser charge of second-degree murder live outside the criminal court building burning to foyer NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM registered sex offenders behind bars this morning after reportedly entering Woodstock high school earlier this week. The northwest herald reports surveillance video shows twenty two year old James Cornelius Woodstock and in the school Monday afternoon, leaving about ten minutes later school officials believe they've been trying to speak with staff members for some reason as a registered sex offender, he's barred from being on any. The school property. Several sources indicate the Catholic League east suburban Catholic League plan to merge for football. And official announcement is expected to be released later today. The sun times reports the full merger. Maybe the first step towards a merger for more sports. WBZ news time six.

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