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As away and she started laughing you play with the kids in your neighborhood yeah you go to the school that's in your neighborhood yeah that's your life fair there's the depleted at the street to block radius so when you got back on the middle you became a tv dead did yesterday the other famous tv dads for the '70s and '80s i didn't have a new you know you know them uh you know might one of my favorite shows was andy griffith an god such great characters and and even that was romantic you look back and how how simple life was and everybody kind of and i i long for a life of of may berry in other just the simple things of a lame sound with whistling yeah yeah yes happy people hogg fisher paul's there yeah is great and dick van dyke wizards where would you ranks buju eight that dad against the other tv dad's forward strikes what was his best tv dead nece he allowed op to get into a little trouble he allowed him to learn the lesson as opposed to the martin the modern day parent i think it's like okay i'm not going to allow my kid to scrape his knee yeah as opposed to okay here comes at it it's going to happen i've warned him and he's still kind of doing it and then you kind of have to you make sure it's not tremendously dangerous but you have to let them learn that lesson that mr brady was very important dad for me grown up added by which really just like you know he italy he had lat had make latic he had 6 cans economic ladder decisions well he has wreakage three were kind of like.

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