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Lead two months of work to repair disrupted technology systems and files and five whereas paying ransomware attackers encourages continued attacks on other government systems as perpetrators financially benefit and six whereas the United States Conference of mayors has a vested interest in D. incentivizing these attacks to prevent further harm yeah seven now therefore be it resolved that the United States conference of mayors stands against unified ride stand united yes united against paying ransoms in the event of an I._T.. Security breach in other words were saying don't do it anymore. We're yeah we we stand united against paying what we're going to be paying. We're not we're not happy so anyway ransomware. I'm again it. It's right electronically air. They're all definitely we're against it unhappy where we're really somebody's Kassim help yeah so we got an email from a guy and I can't vet it so maybe I don't know you can or something named Brett Callo. He works for a company New Zealand Company. <hes> called MC soft his his point was a K.. Reoccupies is hard coded keys that sometimes are reused and those are the keys probably referred to by the F._B._i.. Absolutely it was unclear. He wanted to get the word out that you know they offer a download her that will check it against the keys that are known own. You know this is this is the website. I don't know anything about it. They say it's free of charge but the point being that he said I just wanted to get the word out that sometimes there is there you can get a key to decrypt it used and it may work and certainly should do that before you pay anybody any money. Yeah especially you know lots of bitcoin man. That's a lot of money wow. How long is this sure insurance going to be offered? I mean it's GONNA e E. That's that's exactly right. I I mean it. The premiums are going to start going up and or and it's the fact that the insurance company paid the round number one hundred thousand makes it sound like that was the cap on their payout for in that for this this particular county so you know it in fact the county may have decided well boy you know to get full coverage. It's going to cost the premiums are going to be too high so will will accept a cap of one hundred thousand because does whatever anyway believe it or not. Leo This problem not surprisingly actually has has created well. We already saw that created a law firm that specializes now resting yeah yes and now we have code aware DOT COM ransomeware remediation. They say so it C. O. V. E. W. A. R. E. DOT COM. We are the first responders to your ransomware handsome wear recovery cove where aggregates.

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