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It doesn't include language about working to understand the risks of exposure to toxins that result from harmful algal blooms, these toxins can come through our drinking water inconven- extremely harmful to humans, and the and this Bill does not include the priorities and many members have fought for for their constituents. It does not include language that supports programs that impact Ohio as well. As many other states across the country. I cannot in good faith support legislation. Does. Not treat our Great Lakes as a national treasure. They are or invest in them to the fullest extent. Please stand with me today and sending a message to protect our Great Lakes. Here's my colleagues who oppose this Bill in its current form. We can do much better than this. We as members of the house must not abdicate responsibility of crafty spending bills in the best interests of our constituents. Thank you, again, Mr Speaker and I yield back to balance my time, gentlemen, yields gentlemen, from California reserves the gentlewoman from Minnesota's recognized. Mr. Speaker. I also hail from the Great Lakes. States and the funding in the Senate Bill and the house still for the Great Lakes was identical. So at least in in this. Portion of the funding. It was equal for both both the house and the Senate Mr Speaker, I yield two minutes to the gentleman from California. Mr. Hoffman, a member of the house natural resources committee Jonathan California's recognize I thank the gentle lady for yielding. And I rise today in support of this Bill to reopen. Our national parks and end the Trump shut down over the last three weeks. The conditions are national parks have reached unacceptable and unsafe levels as park employees are furloughed without pay and forced to keep quiet about the on going damage. Here's what some of it. Looks like dirty diapers. Coffee cups burrito rappers. That's just the start of what congresswoman Jackie speier. And I saw this past weekend as we joined volunteers for trash clean up at the Golden Gate national recreation area, which we both represent it took only a few minutes for us to fill to thirty two gallon trash. Cans with waste. We may soon have enough trash building up and our national parks to build a wall. Is that the idea Mr. Trump is at the backup plan to have our parks and park visitors and our professional park staff pay for the wall, you said Mexico would pay for and Mr Speaker the damage from the Trump shutdown does not in there. I have more than twenty-five federally recognized tribes in my district each of these communities faces serious financial, insecurity as a result of this shutdown. I refuse to stand by as Indian country suffers as our national parks suffer and as millions of Americans suffer. So the Donald Trump can't pretend he's building a medieval border wall. We need the house and Senate to pass the interior appropes Bill. We need the president to sign it to prevent further degradation of our public lands and protect the health and safety of tribal communities. This government does not belong to Donald Trump. It belongs. To the American people, and it's time to reopen. The government I urge a yes vote and yield the balance of my time gentlemen yields gentle woman from Minnesota reserves. Members are reminded to direct their comments.

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