President Trump, Prime Minister, Italian Government discussed on BBC World Service


The son of the former president of ivory coast on this subject was handed down a fine and a sixmonth jail sentence for and i quote completely disclosing false news elsewhere in britain the prime minister theresa may announced the formation of a special unit to counter fake news meanwhile in italy the government has launched an online portal through which citizens can report what they've think might be fake news to the police in a week where even pope francis condemned fake news as evil and manipulative the italian government wants to show its taking the issue seriously in the runup to elections there in march in fact following allegations that certain parties were purposely disseminating false news stories they even announced plans for a new curriculum that would teach schoolchildren how to spot fake news will that be as easy as it sounds antonio lopez is professor of communications and media studies at rome's john cabot university and is on the line antonia welcome to the program thank you for harry we do welcome what the italian government is saying about trying to incorporate fake news into some sort of education curriculum i absolutely agree that is a selfie that is a positive step forward uh i think we have to call it something else though which is media literacy which is something that a move it of media literacy advocates has been promoting for twenty or thirty years and i think what we're happy dow is our media literacy bullet because there is this what i would call a patrick or a paddock about fake news ido did i as a problem but it's something that's very old that has been i'll go away furloughed ties to what do you say to your university students about the issue kulik media literacy if you like how do you teach people to be aware of it well the first thing is you have to have some kind of be slide definition of what fake news so for example of exists give you a list of things that are potentially fake news the first one which is the kind that trump uses quite often it is you lose that i don't agree with but other types of fake news.

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