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I said all right. i'm gonna just go back to sleep. And then i hear this more russell and right behind my tent like yeah. I don't know what that is but light on. Let's start doing some beat. Ese works educations up for well. I i don't wanna get devoured by a bear. That's that's always good. You know. I mean i can see that show though i can see jeff hartmann dave scofield talking about how i was devoured by bear memorial would still get three thumbs down and you know how sports fans are. They would say any word. And who's gonna replace brian. I the very first question wouldn't be about. Oh gosh devoured by a bear so so let's start this up. Pittsburgh steelers fans welcome back to the hangover. Brian anthony davis alongside me shannon white and. Tony is so great to be back. I missed nation. I missed hashtag bad company. I missed all of you. And i'm so glad to be here and all this stuff happened when i was gone. Vidi vici retires. I'm going. I'm in the woods going who what's going on next thing. You know. melvin ingram. Show next thing you know. We're hearing that steven nelson might come back. Stephen nelson's not coming back steven nelson says. Hey you're all lying. I'm never coming back so it was a lots of stuff happened. You guys did a great job. I had a chance to listen to the show Good job on the quota. Saying my name that many times i appreciate it in fact you guys can keep your podcast jobs. So we're we're in good shape but yeah so no. I am absolutely. I'm thrilled to be back. I'm thrilled the tony is alive. Because there were some reports of his demise. And i was really worried about that as well. So we know that he's okay and shannon. You look better than ever man. Oh thank you look at shannon being the corner square on on hollywood squares up there that ethanol privileged quarterback position. Look at that so all plays to be in place now. I've got a main regret though. Something happened last week that i wasn't here for and it's killing me and i'm going to apologize. Happy birthday felicia. I know it's it's a week late but happy birthday triumphs. I'm so sorry. I missed that but you know. Hey it is great to be back here. And let's get into it. Pittsburgh steelers training camp fellas. What are you thinking of so far but still you shannon white. Just super excited again. You know football pants. I mean without paying you know insurance but everybody seems to be really happy focused Already and and you know knock on wood. No may have reported injuries yet. So i'm happy tony. Defa what you see an out of the south side and now going into heinz field. I just continue to be impressed. By the reports of shannon said about the focus and how player like nike harris is he. He can't get enough work he just can't he can't do enough and like we said. In the summer they have or earlier in the time to go home and report. You're hearing about pat fryer muse and even even antoine brooks. I wasn't expecting here. Why hear anything from him. And now you're talking. You're hearing reports of how he's doing decent in the slot and there's a player that maybe not a lot of people thought about as a candidate for that position so i mean i'm just excited about about the young guys because they're going to need to depend on a lot of young guys this year. So that's something we are going to be talking about in the show. So let's save. Some antoine brooks talked for a little bit later because he is definitely going to come up on this show and we are going to talk about on this show players that are shining already that you didn't expect to those guys. Some of the making their jumped from the big jump from year one to year two players that also that we're looking for to really show up we're gonna talk about players that showed up so far i'm gonna talk about one that showed up in a much different way and someone that keeps showing up in this same way. It is first of all dan moore junior on saturday to fights in a row to place fights one with isaiah bugs one with cam hayward you a lot of times that is that's an earning respect factor and guys like cam or pushing a rookie to see how far they'll go so that's not anything to worry about but you also wonder with isaiah bugs. Somebody made a mention today is why is this guy. Always get into fights. What's up with isaiah butts right tony. I think it's a good sign. It goes back hearkens back to what they were talking about in the spring during the draft or after the draft or how they were trying to find more aggression among the offensive lineman last year with thoughts. Of course we heard that. We've heard that about kendrick green and now dan moore who you know who's apparently really aggressive in ornery and trying to make name firms of my question is i didn't think they were allowed to even really scrimmage scrimmage pad so it's impressive that they're getting into fights without without pads that tells me that he must really want it shannon. Does that mean that he really wants it. Does that mean that he is so fired up in ready to go. Does that mean that. He's being tested by the veterans. What does that mean with dan more. Oh definitely he adrian. Klemm ovid's vlad coach. He screamed all these guys before the draft to talk to him. And and i guarantee you. He stressed that this is the direction we're going and we're going to be mean. We're going to be nasty. We're going to be physical and he said earlier. You know if you if you ain't gonna bring it here but it's going to be on the bench and i think that more took that to heart. He's in there and so naturally the veterans are going to try to test him a little bit and you know these happens in the hot sun i turn and the you know these high temperatures. You know the blood ball's a little bit and temperatures flair and it's a great thing i said i'd much rather have to tell it. Take it down a notch kicking him into but to get him to you know. Play harder and show more effort. So i think it's a great sign. I think it shows a lot about adrian klemm and you mentioned him shannon adrian..

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