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It's not that I don't care. It's just I'm trying to multitask and also managed to show at the same time as this is happening. Don't you worry about that. It's time for workers Shoot. That's what it's time for. Let's just worry about workers. Shooting will move on, Baby. You ready? Ready as I'll ever be. It's time for workers shoot. professional wrestling when two guys exchange words and they say they worked themselves into a chute. Well, if you don't know If you don't know. I'll tell you about it. You might say, Ken, What does workers shoot? Tell me the rules of workers shoot. Okay, Here we go. Workers Shoot is true, False except it's not true or false because true or false in the sense of workers shoot would be false or true because the work is false in a shoot is true. And you might say Ken well, then, just called true false health, because if I say true or false is up next, that's not really going to keep you around. Sh workers shoot that's provocative, so in the parlance of professional wrestling Because we like professional wrestling on this show us and myself included both like professional wrestling on this show, and we'll reference it frequently. A work is something that's plan. That's something that's put on as a show. When a shoot is something that's really happening. A shoot is something that someone truly Means that would be the truth. Shoot a false a work. If you don't know it, you will, as suss takes us away with work or shoot. All right, Ken, let's go dive right into Ohio State, losing to Oregon in a shocking victory by the Ducks so after they survived Fresno State last week. The Ducks ran all over the Buckeyes with star performances from CJ Verdell and I Touched up from Travis Die as well. So, major advocation after this game in a very like college football slate, so workers shoot can Oregon has officially put in their candidacy for spot in the college football playoff? Hell, yeah. Why not That straight shooting, brother. This my friends is a shoot. Hell, yes. Say you go on the road. You beat Ohio State. You're a bigger surprise than what a lot of people have. And if I just get off my Phil Steele magazine, which you know, I love Bill Steele. He's a friend of the show. And he's a friend of mine. And I just get out the magazine right now. Where did Phil Steele have them? Where to fill? Still have Oregon He had him second behind Washington. All right, Well, you already saw what happened with Washington. That's one blip. It can be one blip, but you know what? This is the difference with Jimmy Lake and Washington is compared to what you have in Oregon. Oregon played fast. Mario Cristobal had him playing fast. They played wide open. They use their athleticism. That's what I love. You got athletes use them. Use them play with pace go right on ahead and do so. If you can do it, do it. If you can't don't try to do it. Jimmy Lake plays a little bit slow. So if it comes down to the Pac 12 In that game, which I believe is November six against Oregon, which will be at Washington. Yes, it's going to be at Washington. All right. Are you going to try to have three possessions in the first half? Because the only I try to have three possessions in the first half. Good luck trying to convert on third seven. If it's anything like I see like I saw before you have some serious problems on your hands. So it's just one little extra thing to pay attention to. Now. I don't know what's going on with Washington and Michigan. But I know that I think that there's a very, very nice opportunity. For Oregon with their schedule. If I play scheduled game real quick, get a big win at Ohio State. Stony Brook should be a pushover. Arizona doesn't have much Stanford I feel bad for you ain't got much the rest of the schedule at U C L A could be a big one. Chip Kelly, I think has got him in the right direction. That offense is going to the right direction. They can be very, very good. Colorado, you should be able to beat Colorado just brought it up. Washington STATE Utah Utah is always a toughie and then Oregon State because you have a couple of road games there. So at UC LA at Utah toughies If you do your typical pic Pac 12 garbage That? No, But as of right now, hell, yeah, throw them right in. That's a very, very nice win for the Pac 12. That's a very nice win for Oregon. Anybody who goes into Ohio State wins deserves a ton of credit. No matter what I say about it being mid September early part of the season. You deserve a ton of credit for it. You just can't have any let up. But I think that this schedule with the exception of a couple of those road games, I'm not fearful Stanford on the road. I know that he's good football coach be able to have it ready, but I don't know if he said. I don't know if he can get them ready for Oregon. I think they'll be fine and fourth year here perfect timing for Mario Crystal ball next So let's go into the big 10, Wisconsin last well last week had a chance to keep up with Penn State and a grueling big 10 matchup. They had a shot to cover behind and send Camp Randall happy But they ended up coming short against the team. That is one Ryan, Trace Hickeys Alma Mata. So with in light of Ohio State, losing 10 workers shoot the big 10 is now completely wide open. That is a work work. That is a work. It's still Ohio State's conference solution. Um There's not. There's nothing else I can say about Michigan's got to get going in the right direction in Michigan is not going to get in the overall direction. Indiana I was worried about any, which is a total throwaway line about Michigan will tell you here in a second. You can't develop quarterbacks in Michigan, so I can't take you seriously in Michigan. Okay? It's that simple when it comes to Michigan, Indiana, No offense the time, Alan I think that Indiana was winning it exposed entire off season. You have that type of turnover margin. You're going to come back to the packet some point and to be beaten like that at Iowa last week, it might be weak one It might be that you thought you were arrived. And you didn't in Iowa's been hungry now for eight months. I don't think you can afford to do some stupid stuff like that. I can't. I don't think you can afford to do some stuff like that. Your schedule doesn't get any easier. Like they got Cincinnati on that schedule this year. You're at Michigan this year. I think Indiana is Like that's going to take away some opportunities. And now when you were playing tight ball games like last year when they played tight ball games against Against Penn State didn't have another one that was close against Wisconsin. I want to say Get one against Penn State and one against Wisconsin. Does the ball bounce your way as compared to where it is now? No, So now you lose more, so Indiana is not going to be a serious threat to me. Is pence. They're going to be a serious threat. I think it's still too early for that, just like I think it's still too early to say that Ohio State season is wrecked. Iowa's intriguing Iowa is intriguing. Northwestern can't help but go back to the pack. The graduated so many seniors there. I still think that this is this is easily Ohio State's conference to win. It is not wide open next. So the Cowboys in the Buccaneers put on a show to open up the NFL regular season deck proved that the injuries that he's recovering from whether this is broken leg or the shoulder strain that he suffered a training camp. Did not slow him down. And Tom Brady just continues to look great at the age of 44 those nano machines in his body who they are really doing it great job of getting getting him going so, But one player didn't do so well on Thursday night, and that was Zeke Elliott. So coming off of a very Pedestrian 2020. He came out of the gate slow in this one. He only had 33 yards and on 11 carries, so Ken workers shoot. Are we seeing the end of Zeke Elliott? No, I think that's a work work. He's in better shape. I can't believe he's comfortable with playing with all those piercings, But he has a visor. So be okay. I've ripped Zeke up and down of ripped. I've ripped the Cowboys up and down for Zeke. I don't think less. I don't think Thursday night was Zeke's fall whatsoever. He still had 80 still played 82% of the snaps. He's still being used. They decided to throw the football. Alright, Vida Veda, you go try and running on vtv at all and see whether or not you like it. I as much as I think he makes it easy Target, and Zeke does, and he's made an easy target of himself. I still think that's a work..

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