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Was in the balance that maybe his beloved White Sox could ruin your beloved, cubs chances of going to the National League play. Offs I said that's wishful. Thinking but by then they will have the division put away by six. Games I'll be collecting collecting money from. Him Do you really believe that no. I'm trying to talk myself into it Really quick This been released public visitation for. STAN Makita we lost Makita yesterday What a great man one of. The all-time great athletes to play. In this town in any. Sport it was amazing what. He accomplishes we. Went over it yesterday we've talked. To him before smeller reminded us maller wasn't here. Yesterday stand Makita one time was the answer to every trivia question I'm still amazed at his size that that he, lasted twenty two years in that Lee and not just the accomplishments but. The duration the period of time that he plays is crazy impressive so the public visitation for stay Makita is. This Sunday from eleven AM to four PM at. The United Center they're going to do at. The United Center atrium So. Parking lot see between Madison and Warren fans are. Structured to enter the building the east entrance of the atrium accident the north or south doors of the atrium in, lieu of flowers the Makita family asks donations be made to the following. Organizations the own chapter of the Alzheimer's Association the wounded warriors project the American hearing impaired hockey association and hinged. Down hospital foundation saw on Twitter check that out But all great causes and he told us yesterday that he. Started that charity where, would you hockey camp for hearing impaired and all great so STAN mikita against, public visitation Sunday It the atrium at the United. Center between eleven AM and four PM How, do you want to give away these fantasy football convention tickets down We can ask, people prices and? If. There they can play prices right against you guys how about that okay Right now you can.

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