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Of a threat goes he makes used in to get out of the west to get to the nba finals while i think it's all about health i mean if chris can stay healthy uh i like how you their new pieces um with tucker and moute gay uh you know eric gordon really gave them a big big boost with uh with chris paul out of the lineup you know he kind of moving from off the bench you get them into the into the starting uh into the starting lineup i thought you know besides with james was able to do there um the pieces fit you know that that's the thing it's you see the the the struggled in oklahoma city right now than in the other names sheldon in the offseason the the all star names but sometimes when you when you get going here you know it's all about chemistry in a in a these pieces stay in darrell and his group down more gm as done a good job kind of identifying roleplayers that kind of fit in with this group what has been oklahoma city problem while they struggle so much oh it's a little bit of everything you know it's the inability of we will which well documented the coast some of these games it's you know uh either russell trying to take over the game uh you saw that detroit game um last week you know four or five threepointers in a row you're down two or three points it's kinda like a who's going to take a shot at the end of the games you know the one thing that's that's kirk them also is their bench i mean you look at the vantaa and that's the hard part when you know when you're when you're in four all stars carmelo and paul george your you are usually decimating your you're roster a little bit and with uh what's the bonus old depot kanter mcdermott's that's four you take off now yeah two and then who else is gonna kinda um you know fill in holes there they haven't got anything patrick patterson layman's fell in uh the cory johnson terrence ferguson now sabrina kyle singler that that's what you're that's kind of what your benches jeremy grand that's what you're benches looking at right there so.

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