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S. T. says it's distributed more than two million meals to students and their parents in the first week and a half of the shut down and actually a member of the board of education George McKenna is gonna be holding a virtual town hall meeting tonight update families as well about student learning resources during these closures federal government has out of the home sales to its list of essential services that can keep operating many realtors say they really want to keep meeting with a potential buyers or sellers but they don't want to do it because if you're the virus the Daily News quoting one agent as saying the new classification is reckless right now and a housing analyst says that except maybe for inspections and appraisals everybody just might want to stay home eight oh five again X. Instacart workers may just stay home staging a nationwide strike today Ralph's changing it's ours and how about testing for coronavirus those stories and more coming up after traffic it is eight oh five traffic and weather together over ten minutes on the fives and here is Jennifer your ten and northbound this is reported to Washington which would be close to about atoms are saying is that share and possibly a table blocking the middle lanes are trying to clear that over to the right shoulder but prior to that of the one ten north to the one oh five east they have shut down that transition road for a good hour or so you see the delays I don't see a lot of delays but it's doubly catching some people off guard north one tenth of the sun reflects it down further our our let's go to Scott is like in the southern California Toyota dealers this guy three over the crash on highland and the little one it will start off of the highland Avenue crash it is completely shut down north and southbound between the bell rows and rows would do a really really bad crash there and you could purchase up to the neighborhood service streets without a drastic back up or anything but if you use for Brea getting up toward Wilshire Boulevard or by the Ross for you'll probably disappoint yourself the hassle there now what what what they're going to provide there was a crash on the right shoulder it was a sweeper Caltrans sweep it away through the earlier so the cattle back up starting about settling Boulevard up to Vermont check the five to supply the chip yeah but that's not what we already saw one back crash to happen this way because of a stalled car so look out north outside of five this is at Rockford the stalled vehicle reported in the left hand lane C. H. B. is prepared to run a traffic break to push them over to the right hand shoulder so northbound five headed into the hall pass if you write all that'll be the reason tell the pushing out of the way seven five full speed from the Santa Clarita valley to work well I don't give a call as to why there was some slowing it out of the fountain valley area on the floral thought they had some Caltrans working south on fourth I don't run around Warner in the car pulled up lame duck looks like it's about to get picked up but I'm not seeing that much slowing anymore on either side of a full five in and out of fountain valley our next forty fifty with more drug courts more often I'm Jennifer York in the Toyota of condor twenty four hour traffic center can.

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