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Wheels. But in a sign of just high sensitive, these deep state machinations, Uh, remind Malik when go that far. He may be a former interior minister who for years was one of Bhutto's closest aides, but he is still in a political game. He still spends time in Pakistan and no one from porposed two presidents wants to get on the wrong side of the deep state. If a suspect is killed in a drone strike a CIA crimes drug. Surely it is only the Pakistan state, the military state that can give the Americans, the coldness for such a strike, Mr. Alban out beg to differ with you. Do you team called rooms which come on on Astana Pakistan has played by intelligence? No. I take a medical. The answer to us through ju. I request that that thrown attack It should we made public. What was the information as he knows the CIA will never upset that question? Oh. Oh. The next month's die was a deputy superintendent of police name. Noah's Ranjha. He was investigating who tried to kill Benazir Bhutto in the Karachi attack. Then in August two thousand ten men on motorcycles surrounded his car and sprayed it with bullets, We debt. No, it was because of the PETA's Ed case The world. Lots of targeted killings in Karachi at that time And police are often killed. Almost eight is on the ones being convicted. That's nice. Seven people linked to the assassination who've been killed five jehadis a bodyguard, and a police officer. Our next case has a twist. I'm not wanted Guatemala-bound video wedding. It starts with that. Intercepted phone poll released the day after Benazir's death under Taliban leader by Attila assert is asking a mullah who killed her. The answer. It could I'm Eliuel or you will be allowed to names it crumble a and below. We told you about Balau last time he was the assassin. Now it's time for Accra Mullah. It Cremona was the backup bomber. He was there on the day of the assassination. IFP allows semi failed to detonate a criminal was supposed to step in and do it, but below didn't fail. And after the attack a criminal of vanished, The state's chief prosecutor in the Benazir cases Mahamat as a Chowdhry. I spoke to him last year. Comey about equivalent. What happened to her? Rome love for date. In will the is the Where is the evidence come from the Accra Romolo died and Wizards them? It is the collection of evidence by the literally agency from the ill. It is in the other Listen, although this was his former political agents from resist. From a political agents, a sort of government official And from the investigating agencies SV federal investigating agency these rights, an acrimonious died in a train strike to this. And you've no doubt that occur. Mullah is dead. Yes, it will Manila's debt. If you can detect a little scepticism in my voice best, because I happen to know that it crumble was in fact alive after the attack. He made his way to eastern Afghanistan. And since then he's done quite well rising to become a mid ranking Taliban commander. And my version was then confirmed when unofficial 28 page list of Pakistan's most wanted terrorists was published in August two thousand seventeen. Coming in at number nine out of a total of one hundred and nine was equivalent involved. It said in the suicide attack on Benazir Bhutto. Benazir's old eight and former minister remind Malik is very keen to see it crumble a arrested. We want him. And of course we continue to struggle to get him After all. He has undoubtedly leader, and he was part and parcel of these him conspiracy. I will be very happy to adopt Treat him one day at two. Why did he vanish? So it Ramallah is a dead one who is actually alive. The next Dead Man really is dead. He was the chief prosecutor in Benazir's case for four and a half years. And he told friends he was making real progress before gunman killed him on the way to a hearing in May twenty thirty. His name was child-resistant anti was known as a particularly energetic prosecutor. He worked closely with his son Misa Ali, who has we shall now here is himself in one of Pakistan's high security prisons It's quite a story. And the Pakistani journalist I've been working with on this series Z ads suffer Gossett first hand. Oh, good. Good, good. I hear you go into the prison. I did. I did. Yes, yes. Was a quite something I've just returned from ideology in in other Pindi which is you know is one of the biggest, a high-security prisons in Pakistan houses. Some of the most notorious terrorists and criminals in the country. Zia had cooled me a term in London. I recorded my end into a microphone. Okay. Has the against the display was my levels now, Veritas rebel against a mind, look just about right and use my Nokia on find now In fact speaking a little bit dead. And why does that hold on? Hello? Yes. All right now, back to the story from the murdered prosecutors, some Nisa as told to see ad from inside that maximum security prison. Decide of course, is not a terrorist, but he's in prison on a forgery charge after the judge of the anti-terrorism court, which was hearing his father's murder case accused him of fabricating a. Court order against So basically I was hoping that he might have something useful on who killed his father and why, and whether it was and fat related to the beach a case say, Did he did he say anything about it? He is absolutely certain. That aid was connected to the Benazir muder case. I should also say here that Assad was his father's legal Apprentice A and knows a great deal about all of his cases. I mean, he hadn't Extremely impressive, almost encyclopedic knowledge of the penal Gordon legal procedures and all all the minute. Details of this case. He give me a lot of sort of vital detail on on how the police made the first breakthroughs in his father's case. As you know, judges of the guard was ambushed on his way to the court. He was driving himself and had an armed guard sitting next to him on the passenger seat These assassins than drove up next to the car and shortage of God and the God injuring them. Both. Zulfikar then lost control of the car a which gleaned up burden adjacent green belts and in the process selling ran over a female bystander. But amazingly, even this God had been shot in the back at he. They courageously returned fire with a Kalashnikov and managed to hit two of the assassins killing one and gravely injuring the other bought a third assassin trailing in the car behind was able to collect the body of his accomplice and the other injured gunman and managed to flee the scene. And so this was to prove You know, the vital sort of clue. I mean, literally if it wasn't for the trail of blood that they left behind them, The police might never have been able to track down the killers. They knew that one of them was badly injured and wooden survive unless he got medical treatment. So they looked at every hospital within one hundred mind or radius and a few weeks later. Bingo, they found their man. He was in a in a hospital in Rawalpindi shot in the spine and was completely paralysed from the waist down. Blood samples from the crime scene matched his blood. So you know there was an absolute certainty that that this was the man, but here is where it gets interesting. He was the son of a former colonel of the Pakistan army, who had been imprisoned and court marshaled ten years earlier for helping to hide the mastermind of nine eleven Holly Sheikh Mohammed.

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