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Impromptu. Seen all you gays out there checking gig only yes <hes> so that's michaela from comedy death ray <hes> comedy the three album which was a show that ran for a while and which later became comedy bang bang who scott arkham and now the podcast and and comedy death ray that album was recorded <hes> a during a twelve hour fourth anniversary show twelve hours so that what we just turned was from a twelve hour show yeah that's sick. I was the longest show you've ever done like been apart or long as set. I've ever done both both. The longest set i've ever done. I would say is probably like seventy minutes. I don't believe in like a standard yeah our yeah i don't believe in in the whole like to our shows or i feel like it's it becomes about more about the comedian and the ego of the comedian they wanna stay on stage for all those hours as opposed to the enjoyment of the audience so i feel like you know people who wanna do these two hour sets. It's it's about them not about the audience and <hes> i you know it's just my school thought i don't everybody's got a different opinion on it but dave chapelle set like a record for like the longest set or something like that. You do like six hours at the comedy cellar one tonight yeah you're right at six o'clock in the morning and the laugh factory for six hours. Seven minutes believe that guy could just keep fucking icon. He can do whatever the hell he wants but i just think about like the wait staff. I'm like some of these. You know. It's not you union rules. They're not getting paid aid and their families and shit. I mean that's not his problem but still it's like you know. Come on guy. You gotta do six hours to six o'clock in the morning. Add more drinks. Thanks to the minimum. Stop serving alcohol at some point. I think like legal actually no. You don't not new york but people don't i mean people can't keep drinking. You know i yeah yeah i don't know. Did you do this weekend. Was your birthday interest for your birthday now. I had one beer last night alone on my website. <hes> that's really on your left sat on a couch one beer alone one beer alone is fine. It's not you're not an alcoholic or not like down. You know it gives you a little buzz and i'm thirty five now. Beers go downs smooth now. It's a little nervous like i can just drink talking ice cold beer now like a god damn american man and i just i i was a little nervous yesterday. I was like wow this is going down like easy yeah so i love light beer. So oh yeah i get what you're saying. It's like water. I drink some icelandic beer. Last night had a viking helmet on the front of it and i was like that's my birthday. It was good though a love for you <hes> here for this yeah here for this wig. I want to chicago this weekend to show zanies comedy club. <hes> i mean just one of the best comedy clubs in the whole country show sold out by like buying that city chicago is such an amazing city. Thank you to all the fans that came out. I mean i can't explain to have you been there in a call no okay. I have yet to meet the being well what we're going to do yet. Get to flip the palm. Lil little uncle gay chrissy right here is going to his next comedy central our special in chicago and in your come in a wet. Do your come in a way. Is that confirmed that it's going to be there or are you just like you can them and i'm doing a second spanish as the people are lovely peeps at commonsense..

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