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For another time ray Kinsella director communications thank you very much for coming on the bill Cunningham show thank you thank you so much spell unlisted tenure with more coming up in about twenty minutes or so we'll be sheriff Richard K. Jones of other county big story in the USA today yesterday was about the Mexican drug cartels kind of targeting small town America for heroin methamphetamine cocaine and fat known all those things you can't sell products to individuals and don't want to buy I don't care what it is you can show up somewhere where those drugs and if you're not welcome in fort Thomas Sir liberty township you have no customers so there's something about the hollowing out of Americans that we have so many economic and other benefits today but something's happening in bother county Ohio Kentucky West Virginia Tennessee is like the epicenter of the marketing of the Mexican drug cartel to sell their products here because customers are buying why it's happening is USA today attributed to among other things joblessness a sense of not belonging loneliness of mental health issues are always in play most of us in the last year I've had five acquaintances of mine killed themselves from the age of nineteen to the age of fifty seven on a lawyer friend of mine and those five and something's happening where people are checking out and can handle it and no one has spoken more forcefully about what to do and not just to the supply but to the need to have that done to him compose drugs upon yourself into get lost in the drug world and Richard K. Jones in fact I'm gonna ask him how many women in the Butler County jail been addicted to drugs how many babies born in the potter county jail I have drug addicted babies and what's happening to generations of families lost in Butler County player my account is another area rural white America disproportionately uses these kinds of drugs and what are the reasons so let's continue with more plus a two oh six today is spread when strip plus a.

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