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CBS news special report the Senate ended its impeachment trial with no conviction on the two articles of impeachment Donald John trump be and he is hereby acquitted of the charges in said articles even though we knew we'd face blowback Utah Republican Mitt Romney voted to convict president trump on the abuse of power charge my vote is an active conviction we've come to different conclusions fellow senators trump attorney Jay Sekulow the president's been acquitted of all charges we're not concerned about anything at this point Democrats called the trial a cover up Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer his acquittal is virtually value us president trump plans to make a statement tomorrow the house plans to continue its investigation and subpoena former national security adviser John Bolton CBS news special report on Pam Coulter Hannah Frank share stormy weather is prompted governor Jay Inslee to issue an emergency proclamation this afternoon for nineteen western Washington caddies car seven TV's Ryan Sims as along the Stillaguamish river in men wrong even by northwest standards February is turning into a soaker of a month this stuff doesn't stop is gonna be a problem because there's a lot of you can tell there's just a lot of moisture coming down right now rain has fallen for the past thirty six hours with likely no let up till Friday at least five rivers rising right now there's more rain to in the forecast is Ryan said and we hear the people near low bank areas of the the squalor river in Thurston county are being told to be ready for an instant evacuation notice so much rain is collecting behind the grand dam that emergency managers are having to release some of the water and that is increasing the risk of flooding diarrhea real time traffic.

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