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And Steve Stoute heavier yeah very very I mean one of our favorite athletes someone who run me you wanna talk about thrilled us really thrilled us and whose command of his craft we respected I mean as much as anybody I can remember in recent years in Philadelphia sports and his work ethic and all that all that stuff yeah and then you know that you know we we know how it ended and you know I I I think it's incredibly admirable of his wife beyond belief admirable that she's willing to open herself up you know probably in part to help others I would guess you know for sure I would say yeah and so quite a quite a thing that that shows coming up in a in about about two or three weeks and it'll be it'll be something two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four up ahead we'll talk to spike asking as we look at some of the great the topics in history of WPA is as we look to settle some scores with once and for all week which is brought to us by the bush auto group online car buying made easy push auto group dot com we'll talk to spike up ahead will rock all the calls on the eagles schedule as well Jerry Kammer Jon Ritchie on the V. I. P. Hey your C. two forty nine is coming up this Saturday that's tomorrow and if I had to describe the card in a word it B. finally finally sports vandals workbook in partnership with Valley Forge casino what they know the feeling which is why they're going all out to celebrate right now you can join panel sports book to get ten one odds on either Ferguson or gate she that means you can bet just ten Bucks to a hundred on either fighter incredible deal right incredible Ferguson he's undefeated his last twelve fights he's the favor of a gate gate she got hungry underdog he's definitely got something to prove and speaking of hungry did I mention.

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