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I you know i deaf this is what i wanted to talk to you about when you were talking a little bit about identity and things like that in ten about you know of your being half korean or definitely denting as asian american i on my own reflection when i think about asian studies or being drawn to like like anime or like hong kong films i just put it together maybe a few years ago that i was kind of drawn to this these things because they're in in a in a sense there were people that looked like me and even though it wasn't like american culture like these were like asians that were funny or leaves or stupid or like action heroes that were doing martial arts which is something that i don't think we really found when we were growing up now definitely not basically asian people were just like oh the scientist in drastic park early be as start by beating long visited university puget sound pd john man yeah it's it's been very very nice and i watch fresh off the boat and it's it's not the best comedy out their best show but i do love seeing a full agent family on tv i agree and i i like it a little bit i might get a little bit more mileage out of it granted they tell the story of taiwanese family but there's a lot of like chinese american like touchstone.

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