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A minimum break from class. The bill calls for a minimum of 45 minutes of recess for elementary students 30 minutes if the day is less than 5 hours. Supporters pointed to studies that show the physical and emotional development benefits of that unstructured play time. Alex Estrada, who testified with several of his blame middle school 7th grade classmates, told the state Senate committee recess reduces violence and increases inclusiveness. In section one recess may not be withheld as a disciplinary or punitive action or to have a student complete academic work. This is very important and should be prohibited instead of strongly discouraged. Emily Carter with special Olympics Washington says the physical activity is especially good for students with disabilities. All too often our students with disabilities are considered a different category or exception. Recess should be inclusive always. Other concerns, including scheduling and staffing issues this minimum standard might present are expected to be part of later hearings. Ryan Harris northwest news radio. Replacement of the I 5 bridge to Portland is on track for completion of the draft environmental impact statement later this year, plans for this year also include work with both the Oregon and Washington legislatures to get them to put up equal amounts of money with the evergreen state already ahead with a $1 billion contribution. The program's assistant administrator Frank green says for 2023 they will also be aggressive on getting as much federal money as possible both from infrastructure and transit grants, Greene says, with inflation factored in. The most likely cost that we'll be planning toward budgeting toward as well as developing board is in the $6 billion range. That price tag hinges on work starting in late 2025, staying on schedule over a ten year period. New technologies for collecting road tolls are under consideration by the state transportation commission which might include the end of wash dots good to go transponders. Francisco torab alab of equipment vendor bliss way says that they can put smaller wireless solar panels solar powered I should say license plate readers on roadsides that can capture more cars in the current tech, in places where a toll is reduced for carpools, there's an artificial intelligence verification system, and he also says for the technology and then gets paid as a percentage of every toll it helps to collect. He's very aligned with the agency, because if we can't identify the vehicle, we will make money as simple as that. He also says that things like carpool enforcement can be flexible and adjusted based on wash dots needs or wants. We check to be consuming sports desk with Bill Schwartz at ten and 40 minutes past the hour a retired ball player from Thurston county is eager to coach the Mariners. Won't let be a resident Steven vogt had an emotional farewell from playing baseball last fall in Oakland. Instead of enjoying retirement, he's chosen to stay connected with the game as a bullpen

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