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Bartender this woman and I hear him just have close enough just to hear him I'm not ten fifteen feet away on the bar having a beer when he's talking about these two jobs at the Space Center by the way Orlando's it if you didn't know about fifty miles from shore sure so he started learning jobs in my ear props up and he mentions Graham and technical services the company with which I had tried to get all of Friday the CDL climb back in nineteen eighty nine eighty eight eighty nine well I am Mosey over and talk to this guy he was nice enough to give me a point of contact within a day or two I had an interview at the Space Center got a job at the Space Center working are indirectly Friday blocking the shuttle and a great memory of locking the shuttle bay I mean if the master console you knows that yours with the slanted windows in Apollo thirteen and all these great movies that you see I want your wow is that your gas or what that is an amazing story and Fred Haise he's got to be up in his eighties I believe is still with us as me all right you know I mean I don't know for sure what about I think he is I think he is I think he's so well into his eighties by now but I I believe he's still he's still going strong that's a great story when you run I mean a lot what was his name but those OP are always gives name on Howard Ron Howard hearing this curler out there I was working they were doing on location footage at the Space Center which was kind of cool I never never got to run into but so that was all going on back in the late is ninety eight I think if they did that movie very well done but it's pretty cool out perseverance in prayer plays out in that after going getting a couple years of credit at the Georgia tech during my four years in the navy coming back to where I grew up in Atlanta okay so in my dream getting my degree at Georgia tech thanks for coming to Florida your aircraft which I used to do as a kid making you know didn't have money and then meeting this guy at a bar and getting the job with the space that there's there's an old saying I'm I'm trying to remember who who said it I don't know if it was Voltaire's someone like that luck is the residue of design yeah don't you believe June Richards perseverance and prayer is an amazing thing it's just invaluable absolutely absolutely and and preparation like opportunity will knock but if you're not prepared for it it'll pass you by and you were prepared right right absolutely eight sometimes that's all it takes showing up right Kevin thanks so much for the call great call let's see high honor the wildcard line again Roddy's in the dairy state Wisconsin right how are you well they were out in record thank you for taking my call I always later I'm sorry right I I couldn't I couldn't hear that last part thank you for taking my call Richard op amp I I always say there's room for improvement in big there's room for improvement in you okay and I always got it right wait I thank god twenty but I'm not I realize and I get depressed all work like you had to up the work I used to do because I grew up that way for the pop work I grew up here again not a rock country glacial old alt rock my grandpa made a farm my dad and brothers they all made a far more of a rock well I might it bothered because double seven boys in the family in New York that was the only woman with her mother I don't yeah what three eight you should never made it to ninety seven ninety seven god bless some younger brother who didn't admit eighty he's the only one that we are the only two left and up but okay well walk behind or all people all he went to the navy World War two you will drop in stock at naval air way up start out in the end then they got to the help divert apple to dive bomber that was meant you what his educational radio pop radio like right off don't have a current one if you got your what your idea all up if I were to tell the story yeah I have your full none of us will live longer so I'm gonna try to do the rock roll off I was born in fifty nine I think you yeah I doubt it barking it would come over and work through we got the work done but you have to rush through it sometimes because it's been an hour Bach and people and it kept coming back I mean if they didn't like it they want a came back winning all you would tell the story and I would just hope everything off I would be on the youngest in the family I can recall him you're you're all talking about a man are these all feet help you back yeah I'm a ship called my lap the more Polish and to free up yeah no back what you will about long applet area around here my dad grandpa he said that he never really liked the captain of the well I won't get into religion forget that any help heat up your low back with the very default yeah no matter what religion if you would have been brought up and he would have been very active all amped up I doubt if he set up you could take it out as rock solid yeah it worked they were predicting culprit and the whole four miles to the west of me and they were coming home and the more we'll just yeah whatever it was already down at the older white is a look at that that's weird and wild thank god I hope you're all it will fall in a little bit and all course older people they got a little bit nervous so he kind of stuff but I had across the US hi weaker and then they lived about a mile and a half or the Middle East there at the his wife was very very scared so he he called up the yard he's all right off the car regardless the second help from my dad at what I tell any sense he colored white or bright but a door in the U. P. going up what they get everything kind of came over my yard and help now if he fought with his bottle of the moon but when she saw the green or on the like a greenish or are all all those different yeah he went under the house and he would go to part with the car in the garage they always want to leave everything it all adds up he got about halfway in the carquest add up the light I can't remember I doubt that the lights went over not getting all you got failed the gold when you all my dad or amped up he said the car would not start he fell in it in the car and the thing just an altered their moved around whatever it what at the he waited we tried it again and I think he did about three times and finally it art we got it all he hurry up right it's all up to the door favorite ride any weight and then it finally eventually wow well then he went but also.

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