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Media fund with my new head coach over the man over the last twenty four hours. Good guy Adams, gay Adam geishas got crushed so bad for him. That's all right. All right. Hey, Greg Williams hired that he just pop up on top of it. He didn't miss them. But he did hire. Greg Williams at his official has also that is really good as per hour, Jason lockenfora. So Greg Williams gonna bring the heat and he's well traveled. He's for any lack of fire or whatever. I don't know what Jeff fans we're looking for from gates yesterday. But I know that they don't think that they got it. This guy's gonna bring it. Yeah. Ask guys get to bring the heat, and he's gonna bring the pain is intense. And I'm looking forward to it higher hard to her to work where sometimes, but he's intense and awesome. Yeah. I mean everybody that that that that I've worked with that play for him flat played from they rave about him. Yeah. I mean, if you're a defensive player, that's the guy that you want to run out of water his crush somebody. So that happened Jason had that on Twitter about ten minutes or so ago, a teak a little late what get the matinee here something stupid things that he said that jumped out, but I think this would be a pretty interesting interview that that Santer came up with Mike. This is a really good idea. We locked this member. Josh booty played quarterback at LSU baseball player as well. Only played a handful of games for the Marlins made. I think he may be nine or ten games. Handful of at bats never really made it baseballwise bump he was the fifth overall pick major league draft baseball draft back in ninety four and he juggled baseball and football, and based on McCollum our trying to do we thought it'd be an interesting conversation. So Josh booty will join us at the top of the hour in about twenty five or thirty minutes. I think that'll be really good to find out. Just how you try to do it yet. He subsequently said that he was an idiot trying to marry baseball and football quarterbacks as quarterback, exactly different. If you're Bo Jackson or even beyond its near quarterback. Ryan you gotta be first at the facility. You gotta be scoured tape. You have to have a relationship at a trust with everybody in that huddle. You can't just go your own way and bolt because you got to go take batting practice. No. So we'll talk to Josh about that. Matt Nagy was as a couple of things jump out. Matt Nagy was asked about Kareem hunt. All right. And let's play this. And then you would I could obviously reactive courses Chicago Bears head coach who's doing a really good job. They're coached Kareem hunt with Kansas City on their Andy Reid, here's Nikki I'm guy that who. I don't care who you are. Here's what I'll say to this. Everybody's position. Everybody has when you talk about second chances. Well, what's the second chance? What's your situation? And so with him that's not for for me to decide I will say this that me personally, depending on certain people situations, I'm guy that has always been an I've I've been kinda raised that way to give guys second chances not third chances. But I've kind of learned through coach Raitis he's done that several times with some people, but also say that every every situations different. So that's his situation. And I just I wanted to talk to him as a as a true on personal side. Okay. Not a definitive answer. But certainly look into how he's going to process this, and he was asked whether or not it's going to reach out the cream hunt than with the door be open. What do you think when you hear that? I think he has been an example of that. Tyreek hills one that jumps to mind because of what happened. With him in college, which we never talk about. Leary was he there with Larry Johnson. Or no, I think that was that was that was Herm. But the organization had a history of doing that. I think that there are guys that do really bad things that aren't bad people. And I think that this was the case with Kareem hunt. I don't see him as one of these menaces to. Society in a sense. You know what I mean? Like Joe makes you say that it is. We don't know how he presents himself. And how is he was very contrite? And and and I think genuinely embarrassed by what he was on tape the eye in the sky don't lie type of thing. I think he was embarrassed by it. Yeah. We contrast that to what we saw over the years with pacman Jones who just kind of like dismissive of sorry, but didn't never change so different process. And again, this is this is the only time that we've seen this with Kareem hunt. Now, the question that was asked of coach Nagy, you you have to believe that it was presented to him at some point prior. And he had run this through the bears organization. Whether it was the general manager or the mccaskey family in particular Virginia mccaskey who's who's obviously female as the owner of the bears. See you would think that he already had his answer before ask answering this question, otherwise as a smart man and the CEO in a sense of the Chicago Bears. He should have no comment at this. Right. So clearly they've talked about this prior right in pretty good on his feet or they or they talked about it right after it happened because he got released Kareem hunt. Wasn't. You know, we're going to trade you can trade for he got cut. Don't do. So anybody could take them. Yeah. You got to believe the bears knowing the relationship with Nagy kicked that tire eight weeks ago nine weeks ago whenever that that release happened. So I'm not surprised by his response. And I bet he was prepared for it as opposed to just being good on his feet. You know what I mean? E either wait, I think he I think he handled tell pretty well. Like, the fact that he now words are hollow. I mean, you know, just give me with anybody. Stop the show some substance behind the words and Nagy seemed like a man of conviction. So certainly believe it. But I like how we throw in y'all give you a second chance. Not a third chance. Quick inserted that that that was important because it just shows that it's not going to be a lawless cavalier environment. But let's not fool ourselves. If you're young and cheap and you can play especially if you have a pre existing relationship with somebody like Nike does have with Kareem hunt. That's going to be in play. I you know, and fans we'll get over it. If he rips off some touchdowns once he you know, he's going to be suspended once that suspension expires he's back on the football field. What you and I both believe he will be in both believe that he should be on some level. Because don't you feel? I mean, it was it was bad wasn't agreed. It's the nuance. And it's hard to talk about this because it can seem so record. But I. The kick was what really yes, it was just sold dessert missive, and so unnecessary. Disgusting. Humanizing thing was unnecessary. Bhadra say. You say that the kick was just that's what really that's that's what stuck with. I think most most men. I mean, everything's sticks with you. But that's the one that really is seared in my mind that last action that little kick that dismissive kick like she's not even human. Yeah. So that's a telephone to reconcile. But you know, I I still think that he would have been better served waiting then rushing to do that interview. If he did an interview couple of days after the Super Bowl or during the bye week. Not that I'm as PR firm the end of the day. He's a young man. I hope he finds his way I have no no dog no dog in the fight here. But when he sat down with Lisa Saulters so quickly it seemed rushed. Yeah. It seemed it was. No matter what he said wasn't going to wipe away. What we saw. Right. So if you wait, you you, you lose it in the sense. Like, you lose it in your mind, not completely. But you kinda you're not it's not front of mind not talking about Kareem hunt. If you wait a little while. And then you come back, and then you see it again. But what he says is more powerful than what you saw that makes sense makes total sense. So I I agree with you. He should have waited a little bit. It just felt it felt necessary. But also unnecessary innocence. And he's you know, he's he didn't seem overly comfortable in front of a camera. Which which I think was you know, if I'm if I'm his agent let you gotta you've gotta factor in house. My client in front of the camera and made it real. But also, I mean, there's business I hate to be blunt about it. But this is a business behind, of course, behind crisis, manage sure, right? And if you're not media trained correctly. Yup. And you you want to say the right thing. But you're thinking the wrong, they could sabotage. Man, just doesn't come come across correctly. I don't know that he bombed. But it wasn't a home run it, by the way at the end of the day. Anybody could act in front of a camera. You know, so whether he's incredibly comfortable with a camera he's somewhat reluctant or yes. The little, you know, little choppy, and how we deliver his and tries to explain things the end of the day needs to fix himself at it seems if he's taking the proper steps, but it was interesting Nike's which was interesting, and he's going to be in the NFL again now. So some fan base is going to have to prepare themselves to embrace him. And they probably will because at the end of the day. It's right productions. Out of it will depend on what he does not on the field but off the field to make amends and people's minds remain, contrite and more importantly remain involved in in in in domestic violence, even though know wasn't his partner, but it was still an act of violence on women domestic however, you want to phrase it stay involved. Stay front of the line. Stay say centered and let us know that you still trying. All right. We've got inbounds out of bounds cabinet up. Let's see what Santa cooked up on the menu here. We'll something else on on Matt Nagy and his kicker. He's not too happy about this. We'll we'll get into a near fight last night with the kings, and the blazers little something on the Mavericks who are looking at trade Dennis Smith junior and a little something on Syracuse with a big wad of Duke. So we'll get to that after AC his update is right now is rich..

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