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Don't jump the lead there's a cd stuck in it now i don't have to drive the truck often so i'm thinking about just leaving this thing as is because i you charge your phone off the cigarette thing whatever now does like listen to my phone i don't i don't give a shit anymore fully functional dad the cd that is stuck in it is big and rich's greatest hits i'm thinking about just leaving this as like a novelty item in case i ever have a passenger station piece and then fainting shock when one there's a big enrich cd place the only thing that if you turn on the super neon going deck that will play so i'm thinking about just keeping this fainting shock when a passenger tries to turn something on and just seeing how long i can go before it makes me you know horribly irreparably depressed i'm excited what if you pretend that you can't hear it and be like what are you talking about what music excited for godfrey to use the cities start his own ridesharing service called goober yeah what if you're out of gonna guess amy grant hart emotion that's a great guess what if you're just like you wanna hear the new big grit hey connie went native you know if you if you give big creek like a serious personality disorder and then played out a hundred years of the future in granted him no aging he'd eventually make a big rich album right on accident right like you eventually hit on one if you just allowed him to make many albums as possible you don't know that cowboy troy wasn't in cash money no one can prove that.

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