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Personality in cage would have shifted way too much focus away from coal young story arc and also filling in some of that braggadocio that johnny cage would have had is cain so you would have had to white characters with plenty of that larger than life egotism and comic relief in this film in one film so they didn't want it to completely get away from the story arc that they were trying to present for the first film aggressor happened at conceive of the reboot for as the first of a trilogy so he wanted to set this film. Prior to the tournament the second film would be the tournament and then the third film would be the aftermath. So there's no tournament here. So mortal kombat delivers plenty of action in the second half despite it though you have a lot of prolonged mealey's punctuated by those gruesome fatalities producer. Todd garner considers the demand for johnny cage. As a big reason that the studio and fans might come back for more so this was kind of a gamble they would keep johnny cage out hoping that this film would be popular enough that people would clamor for more and we clamor for johnny cage. That would push it over the finish line to get into production. They hope that the fans would like the first film for the suits at warner brothers to allow an expansion to the universe. Similar to marvel wanted this a spin off not just into a sequel but to other properties as well delve deeper into the mortal combat mythology. With maybe a miniseries for hbo max. Or maybe solo stories solo movies of some of the more popular characters like cabal or lou king and the monks. Or maybe a war film. That featured sonya blade. And jack's garner envisioned future entries with somebody like ryan reynolds may be playing johnny cage. Or gal gadot eschaton who also is not in this film. Maybe they could get solo adventures before they join. Tassone did reveal that..

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