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Sports Right now course Broncos Getting a nice win Mike Reiss filling in for B K, and they did enough to take down the past field goals. Yeah, guys. The Broncos got it done no doubt about that. It was a really good win for Denver's. They go to New England and beat the Patriots, 18 to 12. Brandon McManus, with a tremendous game set a team record with six field goals. Snap is good price went down. Kick on the way It is right down Main Street again, and it is good. Brandon McManus from 54 yards out sets a new Denver Broncos franchise record, his sixth field goal of the game. Some reason I've been really or I don't know if that was taking off this turf. You have been playing on grass for a while now and you know, with practice and stuff, but I really have warm out. That's the funny thing about, you know, kicking Is that a taste my mentality going into it. I really could care less about my warm up just because I know you know, I've kicked enough kicks and sleep on it and super super confident myself to make kick Drew Locke returned and he went 10 for 24 with 189 yards. Through too late interceptions as the Patriots were able to close the gap late, But the defense was tremendous and held off the Patriots in a final drive Denver overall, forcing three turnovers. Broncos get the victory and they are now two and three and will host the chief's coming up this Sunday. Notable games around the NFL, the Steelers Goto five and over the 38 7 win over the Browns. Packers fall from the ranks of the unbeaten there now four and one after losing to the Buccaneers, 38 to 10 couple of Monday night games. The aforementioned Chiefs will be at the bills the Cardinals take on the Cowboys in baseball, the Dodgers air headed to the world. Siri's They get it done. They beat the Braves in Game seven of the NLCS. Cody Bellenger with 1/7 inning solo home run. That was the difference in a 4 to 3 win. That's a check of sports. Mike Rice in for Brandon Crystal on K Away NEWS Radio, the home with the Broncos buffs and run away news, Radio Times. 7 17 Our top stories on Colorado's Morning News, a group of Colorado Springs firefighters is helping crews fight the Cameron Peak fire burning in Larimer County. They had over 1000 personnel that's actually assigned to the fire with e surgery sources coming in that bolsters it by 200. That fire has burned about 203,000 acres since it started in August. That makes it the largest wildfire in Colorado history. Colorado Springs. Police are seeking a person of interest in connection with the fire at the Manitou incline earlier in the month of C S P D. Is asking the public's help to locate Scott Tinker. 49 year old being sought for questioning about the fire, which began October 8th and is thought to have started at a homeless camp. Senators come backto work today with a Corona virus relief package and a Supreme Court nomination at the top of their agenda. Busy week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the first order of business will be a vote on what he calls a targeted Corona virus Relief package totaling $500 Billion to opposing women's Rally's at the nation's Capitol over the weekend. One was in support of Amy Cockney Barrett as the next Supreme Court justice never was into politics. Until I realized that my mom tried to abort me. Doesn't matter Who wants you here Who doesn't want you here? My nice matters and that's where my that's where it began. The other demonstration was the annual women's March and supported women's rights woman who went missing nearly two weeks ago in Utah Zion National Park has been found alive. She is 38 year old Holly court here, the National Park Service said. Search and rescue teams located court here early Sunday after receiving a credible tip from a park visitor, NBC News Radio's Phil Farrar, her family says. She's an experienced hiker. You disappeared October 6. Starting today, New Yorkers heading to the grocery store gonna have to remember to grab that reusable bag as the state's plastic bag. Ban goes into effect after a seven month pause, the store owner, this store owner I should say, doesn't like the New York stage has has grossly mismanagement. The implementation of this ban. The mandate was originally scheduled to take effect in March. But due to both the lawsuit from several plastic bag manufacturers in the pandemic it hadn't been enforced. Want to cut down your own Christmas tree? Ian Golden Gate Canyon State Park while you can soon Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the permitting process will open November 1st names will be randomly drawn. This year's tree cutting event is December 5th coming up here in Colorado's Morning news. We get deeper into proposition 1 18. Would allow for 12. Weeks of paid family leave, funded by a payroll tax split between employees and employers will take a deeper look into that with both sides of the issue coming up right now. You're Dr.

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