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You lander on take care. That's our pal pete. Prisco here on the shell man. I i really disagree with that. Take on the cowboys. Nick in that season opener against the box. How do you feel about that one. But tampa lane seven and a half at home. I'm sorry well see. Here's one of the problems real quick. Let me make sure. I establish this when it comes to the cowboys and betting i don't involve myself with it for one simple fact and that's because my heart can be involved in anything anti dallas cowboys so i've learned over the years at anything with obviously any team. You root for ain't touching it any team that i just cannot stand not touching because too much emotion gets involved with it. I have no confidence in the dallas cowboys being consistent team this year. Because you have a quarterback situation right now with ac prescott where we're trying to figure out whether he's still going to be healthy again and that's that's one of the biggest issues. Ezekiel elliott going to be back in in better shape than what he was last year so to look at dallas right. Now against a team like tampa i mean. There's absolutely no way. I think tampa covers in that and i think they cover easily. Yeah i kind of like tampa in that game. As well i would only tampa. They present. Great teaser option right now. Obviously at minus seven and a half down to one and a half the teaser. Nick how old are you question. Thirty four to think about it for a second. I feel like you're very innocent man. We need to corrupt you more on the show. Like you know how you're going to be fully corrupt fully here as part of the you better you bet family when you bet non teams that you hate and bet and against no man because then my motions get involved with it. I make terrible decisions. Gotta keep my emotions out of it but it's what you gotta realize though you know it's more important than your emotions your wallet your wallet baby. I'm probably end up. What i'll do is. I'm going to bet on for against my team in week. One i think. I think i like denver against my giants. I will take your advice on anything. Remind motions are evolved. And then i'll just do exactly what you tell me to do with that this way. I'm betting where. I could make money. But i'm not actually involving my emotions in the decision at all so that will be our compromise right there and we're going to talk about your favorite team. Is the washington football team. But am i accurate in saying that. I mean yeah i have to well. I'm not as embarrassed as i used to be right now so i don't have to say that with the disdain that i usually i am. I am really excited. And the next segment we will kick off hour two with the discussion on the nfc east and the futures there were dallas knicks. Second favorite team. Or maybe he hates them. My new york football giants another team. Nick probably hates plus three seventy five and the eagles at plus five hundred then. We've got knicks. Nba nuggets of knowledge. Some of his favourite futures bets at of the season jeff sherman from the west gate super book as well power. Our final hour of the show a loaded three hour. Still to come you better. You bet wednesday. Nick and nick on becky. Well it's you better you bet from bacterial for the latest line movement and edges to beat the spread. Download the beck. Hugh al app today..

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