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Key one trying to be here to your call it ubuntu hitting bad three shouting down the quiet streets cussing up some bad words and throwing her breakfast on the floor a more reasonable person would have stopped the behavior things on a very fine gael is completely different the pairs of new podcast episode eight questionable behavior featured a poem by elena wilkinson a short story by alexia arthurs and too true stories one about an evening spent with j d salinger by blair fuller and another by either novi about language burritos and the pursuit of happiness we begin with selections from our art of fiction interview with dorothy parker reenacted by our special guests anna sale as the interviewer and stockard channing as dorothy parker the year is nineteen 56 the place is new york city dorothy parker is in her early 60s and lives in a midtown hotel she shares the small apartment with a youthful poodle that has the run of the place newspapers spread about the floor picked lamb chops here in there and a rubber doll it's throat torn from eartoear which mrs parker lobs left handed from her chair into corners of the room for the poodle to retrieve which it does never tiring of the opportunity one drew brees i will say of the writers of today that some of them had gone have the sense to adapt to their times but for most of my reading i go back to the old ones for comfort i love sherlock holmes my life is so untidy and he so neat.

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