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Let me go to the phone lines. Larry's in Kansas. Larry talked to me. Hi. All right. How you doing? I just have a theory on the Chinese. They went from one child to two Children. Two now three Children, and they've never told the truth about anything that happened with the covid 19 toward him. My theory is they've lost a lot of old by design. They have to replenish those with young people so they can continue to get their powerful force build up as they continue to try to take over the world. And it's a real simple theory. The fact that they lie constantly and I've never told the truth on this situation or has Biden pushed them to tell the truth, he puts everything the 90 Day investigation, right? And I believe truly that they called their own people out to this virus, because there's no way in hell they could escape it. Well, there's another thing to add to that. I think that your theory makes sense that the old the old population is dying off, and the young population is nowhere near as as large as what they once had. Because of the one child policy. You're also looking at a theory where girls are not preferred. So families were killing a girl if she were born or a boarding if they knew, Um and then they would go for a boy because the boy is going to grow up and take over the farm and take care of the family. The problem is, you've got way more boys. No way more males now than females, and you can't procreate Let you have At least close to equal numbers of males and females said they are also increasing the population by saying to child three child and there's actually an and an option that they might start forcing you. Appropriate, which is crazy, But then again, it's a society that isn't like us. They don't have human rights. They don't have any regard for human beings. Human beings are just numbers to them. So we're going to get into that in depth in just about about three or four minutes. From now, with Reggie Littlejohn. She runs an organization Women's rights without frontiers dot org. I want you to stick around and listen to what's going on in China because you're not getting the truth for the big media, not getting the truth from big academia, not getting the truth from big Hollywood or big sports because they're all complicit. They're all they're all you know, accepting Chinese funding and financing, So they've got.

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