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Trial live coverage from KYW newsradio after months of hearings in public debate the Senate impeachment trial begins today but the way it will proceed has yet to be determined that a majority leader Mitch McConnell proposes rules that would fast track the process for president trump the B. S. news political consultant Leonard Stein horn says the rules would make it hard for some people to follow the trial like the Clinton trials they're giving each side twenty four hours to make their case but there's a difference under the Clinton rules that was spread out over four days six hours a day under the McConnell rules right now it's spread out over two days each twelve hours a day that means four days straight of twelve hours of presenting arguments and evidence I'm a con wants to send to vote on witnesses after opening arguments minority leader Chuck Schumer falls the plan a national disgrace president trump's legal team Mister new response to the articles of impeachment yesterday this is Ben Tracy reports they attacked them as Wednesday what is basically impeachable has to be a violation of existing law but when you read the constitution you listen to constitutional law expert they'll say you know it all goes back to this phrase high crimes and misdemeanors and what does that mean is not fully defined in the constitution so a lot of this is open to interpretation as his impeachment trial begins president trump will be in Switzerland for the World Economic for another legal block for the proposed supervised injection site that story's coming up in just a moment but at eight OO two it is time for traffic and weather on the two's good morning Sam when Carol beautiful cold morning the bright sun in your eyes Houston for twenty to jam Reuters forty trooper price another thirty bypass a slowing you down approaching three forty to pass through one thirteen over the PA turnpike westbound is just jam will grow to four Washington rush are well under way on the eastbound Schuylkill expressway that's backed up jam to get to to to on ramp please write down the pass Conshohocken get ready for bright sun here within the city limits backed up all of our down to Girard west around bounce Google passion to thirty street in the Boulevard at the Belmont Avenue south on ninety five cop and down to Girard north on ninety five rickrolling man's landing to approaching Girard Avenue north of center city that was an accident blocking the left lane they just cleared it out of the way Delaware County both ways ninety five approaching comet Barry backed up renew Jersey forty two freeway northbound slow from one sixty eight to ninety five fifty five is jammed full middle than Franklin bridge in the center city Philadelphia the Jersey transit river line still out of service water ran center to Pennsauken investigation into a struck pedestrian from earlier this morning everything else on a close to schedule the cable W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm.

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