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You know who you're approaching And because of this and the, reporting at the, time and even in the following decade I always say this is what stopped this is what caused, Ted Kennedy not to be able to run for president Yeah killed the girl it's kind of a big deal you can't just sugarcoat. It and try and make it as, poor sweet nourishing Ted Kennedy. Wasn't able to run for president because Mary Jo Kopechne he didn't know how to, open a car door submerged in the dark upside down that's not the way the world works but it works that way if you're a Kennedy and you can count on the media being on your side the one, of the things by the, way that really saved Ted Kennedy's bacon was the next. Day I believe certainly soon. After the moon landing happened which even though a sitting United. States Senator, had killed the girl human beings making it too and walking on the. Moon is still a bigger story so that's really all that and the line machine in media bias saved Ted. Kennedy's life so yes on this, day in one, thousand nine hundred sixty nine Mary Jo Kopechne his body was found off of Chappaquiddick island when we Come back after news we've gotta talk about the president of the United States and the no heard round the world the audio is kind of tough to hear it but you see it, especially with it subtitled you, know he says no but did he say no or. Did he say something else. And then no and what was he talking about normal human. Beings here, versus what do liberal journalists with fever dreams of being the one that. Takedown Donald.

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