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Uh i assume that the footage just was like not that interesting um and i was kind of like a it not too excited see this document but i was like he kind of curious to see what this guy's you need to see this documentary it is amazing i think it's probably the best document any of this year uh i i are how faith yet i mean there was a lot of crude opec are but i it's like if you love films in filmmaking it's a you know it's a surprising portrait of jim carrey himself and it's also uh it's i can't imagine how frustrated the actors in the crew in the director were to have to work with jim carrey as indycar flynn onset like it is lake he is so annoying it it like you could see the frustration everywhere there there's like one moment where uh jim is recalling a moment where lee on the weekend the director who uh stricter did some mike great academy awardwinning movies like i think uh one who flew the kufuor the cuckoo's nest i think was the one that he did um calls him on the phone in the weekend and is lake you know expressing his frustration of having to work with in the end uh uh he does another character in in the movie uh and uh and at the end of the phone call jim carrey's hemingway you know i could we could fire those guys and i could show up on site in due impressions on could it impressions like i i could try to like imprint you know do you an impression of any coffin on sets if that would be better for you in at the end of the day like you know literatures no.

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