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For attack in modern egyptian history and there has still been no claim of responsibility between twenty five and thirty militants in five suvs attacked a mosque in northern sinai friday during midday prayers officials believe isis is responsible but the terror group hasn't spoke at the bottom corner ben wedeman is in cairo middle east news agency the news agency of egypt puts the death toll at this point at least three hundred five including twenty seven children in addition to one hundred twenty eight people wounded syrian activists say airstrikes by government troops in the suburbs of the capital damascus today have killed at least nineteen civilians it will be awkward tomorrow with the consumer financial protection bureau in washington it's first director resigned friday and main tuesday excess your as he says the law setting up the agency allows him to do president trump named someone else it's not clear who will be the boss the state of texas has fired it's special education director it's alleged that lorry cash covered up a sexual abuse case that in oregon school she worked for before taking the job in texas cash was faced with a one point eight five million dollars civil suit alleging that a sixyearold special ed student told cash that she was being sexually abused by another student the suit says cash tried to block the student from coming forward and wind she did cash reportedly retaliated the texas education agency released a statement saying nash glorying information in the hiring process and said she has no business being in charge of special ed in texas clayton neville download the it with a great start to the holiday shopping and.

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